Russ Cook

My journey to CrossFit was probably not the typical path. I did not feel like I had to lose weight or get stronger. I was going to the YMCA regularly and felt like I was in pretty good shape. I, however, was getting bored with my workout routine. Everything I did at the gym I could trace back to high school. One day while I was complaining about almost falling asleep on the incline bench, a friend of mine suggested that I try CrossFit. I thought why not.  So I signed up for the Foundations class at CrossFit Talon. I was immediately hooked. The variety and challenges were exactly what I needed in my workout. I also realized in all my workout routines I had ignored certain muscle groups (meaning every muscle below my chest and biceps) that I feel now are getting stronger with each visit. I love that the coaches are so attentive and care that I perform all the movements properly and safely. But I would say the biggest surprise for me was the support that I get from the other people in my class. The community that develops from being in a CrossFit Talon class can never be duplicated in a typical gym environment and yet has become the most important part of my workout.

Jason Jones


Jason and his son giving him some “help” with his pushups.

When I first discovered CrossFit, I was a bystander looking in. It looked interesting and it intrigued me but I honestly was intimidated by it and thought I physically wouldn’t be capable of doing it due to multiple sports injuries. CrossFit Talon opened up their facilities for me and my buddies to train for Special Olympics and encouraged me to give CrossFit a try regardless of my fears. 7 months later I can’t tell you how much of a blessing it has been in my life. It’s a positive atmosphere filled with great people always encouraging with a family type atmosphere. I’ve accomplished things I felt weren’t physically possible for me and I feel so much better mentally and physically because of it. If anyone is looking to try it out or looking for a home CrossFit Talon is the BEST out there! Check them out!

Laura Kennelly

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Joseph P. Bocanegra

Tara & Dennis,

Thank you both for welcoming me into you gym during my stay in Franklin last week.

CrossFit Talon is an amazing facility and I felt right at home from the very moment I walked in. The wod was thorough and I really liked that we did everything as a team. Instruction was great and the coaches (sorry, I can’t remember their names) made sure that proper technique and execution was demonstrated during the pre, wod, and post workouts.

The best part of my experience was meeting the team members. This was a kick-ass group of people and is certainly a direct reflection of CrossFit Talon and their ability to show how a great CrossFit box is operated.

Thanks again and I hope to see everyone again during my next trip to Franklin!

Chris Jackson

After two months of CrossFit and one 30 Day Paleo Challenge, Chris lost 21lbs!

On the left: Chris on Foundations Graduation Day On the right: Chris a month and a half later!

On the left: Chris on Foundations Graduation Day
On the right: Chris a month and a half later!

Brandt Dooley

Just wanted to say thanks to you and Dennis and the Talon family.  I made  through Bragg Heavy this past weekend and got my patch. I know working out there made a huge difference for me. I’ll be back in later this week once I can walk.

Ross Edwards – Recent Foundations Graduate

I enjoy Crossfit Talon and look forward to attending classes there for the remaining 59 days I have before I ship out. I am slowly becoming more comfortable with the movements I know. The workouts are challenging and quick, and the coaches are friendly and really solidify the community. It is great to be a part of and work with all the people at Crossfit Talon. I appreciate what you guys do especially education wise.

Thank You.
Ross Edwards

Talon College Student

I didn’t know boxes could be so different.  I went to one yesterday and all I can say is, you guys do a great job!  Talon is amazing, and the coaches are so so good!

Ashley Goins

Having been Crossfitting outside of my home box, I am now aware of how much I’ve taken for granted. I just thought the structure and the way the classes were programmed were universal to all boxes, but I realize now how unique Talon is! I now know and am able to be grateful for classes that warm us up and stretch us well, having an opportunity to work on a strength/skill each time, and a Foundations course to complete prior to signing up for monthly memberships so that we would be better capable of performing during a WOD and doing so safely.  I’ve always loved my box, but now I do so even more because of all that they do for their members! (Oh, and thank you for having windows!) 🙂

Kari Zwickle

I can’t tell you how amazing Talon Performance Training has been for my daughter. Before she started with you all, Remi had just been moved down from Select to the Nike team. Talon really has taught her 3 things. 1. How to set goals 2. How to properly do the exercise 3. She has become aware of what she is eating. I believe as a result her stamina on the playing field has improved so much. She is able to play entire games. It has given her confidence. Due to all this she was able in tryout to make the Select team. I believe half of that team this past year either moved up to Elite or down to Nike.
I can’t wait to see where she is moving up too!
I have told everyone about this program. I even talked to my son’s (9yrold) baseball coach about forming group.
It has also Inspired our whole family, so in our new house we will have an exercise room! Love it!
Thanks for letting Remi be apart of it with such a great group of young ladies!

Kristine Neeley

My first day at CrossFit Talon, I was in the worst shape of my life. I was a new mom with a lifetime struggle with her weight and self-image who had tried just about anything to be “skinny”.  At the encouragement of my CrossFit-ing husband, I darkened the doors of a place that was foreign to me. While I was still in the pursuit of “skinny”, what I didn’t understand about CrossFit, is that it’s not just about changing your body; it’s about changing your whole self. For me, the transformation began in my heart and mind. Soon, I was pursuing “strong” instead of “skinny”, leaving behind my self-doubt, endless obsession with numbers on a scale, and worry about what I saw in the mirror. Eventually, people noticed on the outside what I was already feeling inside. Clothes fit better, weights on my bar got heavier, repetitions higher, times faster. I was changing and still am. Thirty pounds, twenty inches, eight months, and three dress sizes later, I’m darkening those same doors, but I’m not a stranger anymore; to myself or to the people there. But for everything thing I’ve lost, what I’ve gained has been that much greater, including freedom from a lifetime struggle. And this is just the beginning.

Cy Fenton

I’m an old guy (over 47 now), who got WAAAAAY out of shape (268 was my max weight) and am now finally doing something about that. I’ve lost over 75 pounds and am literally in the best shape of my life. Many of you have asked me – Why do you do CrossFit?

1 – It enables my lifestyle. I want to be able to keep up with my kids (19, 15 & 11 year old boys and 9 year old girl). We are big into scouting at our house. I’m now fit enough to keep up with ANYONE on the backpacking trail. I can paddle a canoe all day long, hike as long as folks want to go and sleeping on the ground no longer hurts!

2 – The community is real. Try to find a more supportive and caring group of people anywhere – I dare you. The camaraderie and support through good and bad is simply wonderful. There is something very special about the shared experience of a tough workout, and that spirit pulses through the gym. One of the things I love most about CrossFit Talon is how family friendly it is. It starts from the owners, Dennis, Tara and Bug (Josie – their 2 year old toddler). They are all there almost all of the time, and having a toddler running around while you are working out definitely changes the dynamic! Dennis and Tara do a lot of work with kids, and we have a very broad age range in the membership because of this. All of the Fenton family are doing it this summer together.

3 – EVERYBODY can do it. One of the most amazing things about CrossFit is that the workouts can be scaled and modified to fit folks of ANY variety of fitness level, physical condition and ability. Dennis, Tara and the other trainers are ready to help you scale the movements and weights, so that you can do it. All you need to start is a willingness to work hard.

4 – It’s FUN! Workouts are constantly changing and always challenging. The friendly competition and change keeps me WANTING to come back and keeps me challenged to do a little more and push a little harder. We track everything, which the nerd in me loves.

5 – Wow Cy – You have changed! I get that a lot. I weigh under 190 for the first time since high school! While changing my body composition wasn’t (and still isn’t) the reason I do this, I can’t deny that it feels MUCH better to be smaller, lighter and (much) stronger. My 10 yr old daughter can give me a hug and reach all the way around my waist. Changes to your outward appearance affect your self image and confidence and for me have been a very pleasant added bonus!

Brian Hill

This trail was a beast at least for me. 5.7 miles with 1600 feet of elevation change and final altitude of over 4300 feet.

This trail was a beast at least for me. 5.7 miles with 1600 feet of elevation change and final altitude of over 4300 feet.

“Greetings Tara and Dennis. Wanted to share these photos with you. The wife and I went to the Smoky Mountains this past weekend for some hiking. The first day we did a 4.5 mile hike with an elevation gain of almost 1000 feet and about 3.5 hours total round trip. This was truly an exhausting hike but we made it. Sat we decided to do a 5.4 mile hike and 1600 feet elevation gain and peak altitude of over 4300 feet. This was a 4 hour excursion.

Made it to the falls. Was a little tricky getting this close but I'm as nimble as a goat.

Made it to the falls. Was a little tricky getting this close but I’m as nimble as a goat.

The reason I wanted to send this to you was 4 months ago this trip would not have been possible as my body would not have cooperated. People ask why I crossfit and changed my diet. This is why. These memories would have not have been if I hadn’t decided to change my life. I want to thank you and Dennis for all your help. I’ll see you in a few minutes and can’t wait to meet Cindy.”

Tim Donegan

 Tim Donagan, Tennessee Tech University Football, Kicker. “I would like to take the opportunity to share how Dennis’ training has helped me in my athletics. Dennis’ training has transformed both my strength and conditioning, taking it to the next level. He is a amazingly motivational trainer and has helped me make great advancements as an athlete and Football player. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today without Dennis’ training.”

Roni Curry

“My daughter has been attending Dennis Cheatham’s fitness training program for a year now, the first session with her travel soccer team, the second session because she does not want to quit what the first session started. She drives from Pulaski, Tn to Franklin, TN, an hour drive one way, twice a week, to be a part of his program.

While she could do a similar program in Pulaski, the in-depth and intense workout she receives under Dennis Cheatham direction can not be found in ourhometown. Dennis Cheatham is very demanding of his students, pushing them harder and harder as they develop the physical strength and endurance they need to play Division 1 soccer.I have seen my daughter develop into a much stronger player, both physically and mentally, in part due to Dennis. And, he has helped her develop eating habits that promote a healthy lifestyle, both as a young lady and as a soccer player. His knowledge of the game, the body, and of how to teach young ladies is great. My daughter, and all of her team mates, love and respect Dennis Cheatham.I would recommend his program to anyone that wants to improve themselves and are up to a challenge, both mentally and physically.”

Robert Casaletta

“My wife and I are extremely thrilled with Dennis Cheatham and the results our daughter achieved under his supervision during her rehabilitation.  Our daughter, Molly, fractured her Superior pubic ramus bone and after 3 weeks of physical therapy under the care of locally known office, she was not making the progress her orthopedic doctor wanted.

We spoke with Dennis about Molly’s situation.

Dennis listened, researched and addressed Molly’s condition methodologically.  He provided Molly with an exercise program and advanced it in such a way that her body was getting stronger and the pain was diminishing.

Molly’s rehabilitation under Dennis’ care was phenomenal.

In fact, her orthopedic doctor inquired about her amazing turn around and remarked that the individual responsible for her care did an outstanding job.  Dennis’ understanding of the athlete’s need and challenges they face were instrumental to Molly’s success.  Thank you Dennis!”

Gabe Garcia

“I came to CrossFit Talon  with a big ego and I was quickly cut down to size.  I played soccer at an elite level through college and always considered myself fit.  I have been in the gym, running, and even did P90X to challenge myself, but was quickly bored with the monotony of each. The first day at CrossFit Talon  I was challenged more than I had been at anything else.  The combination of strength, endurance, balance, and will are all tested during each workout.  Every workout is different and it makes it extremely fun and, for me, addicting.
Dennis and Tara do an excellent job challenging each athlete to push for their best.  Their attention to the detail of each athlete’s technique make lifting weights enjoyable rather than painful.  They possess great knowledge not only in fitness, but nutrition as well.  Each time you come into the gym, you see evidence of their results in every one of their athletes.  I challenge everyone who wants to see improvement in their total fitness to come see what it is all about.  I promise, you will be hooked.  I am a CrossFitter for life!”

Harris Smith



Mike King



Joe Dozier



Wendy Johnson