A huge thanks to Dr. Megan Pfeffer at Voodoo Chiropractic for sponsoring this week’s WODs. Your locations are as follows:

@ CrossFit Zoetic: Zoetic Justice & CFN Morningwod
@OPEX Franklin (formerly Talon):  OPEX Franklin Rx, CFMJ Cressley’s Crew 2.0 & CFWN Average at Best: The Final Ride
@CF West Nashville: CFWN Mujeres Y Hombres Locos & OPEX Franklin (Scaled)
@CF Nolensville: CFN Swolensville & Zoetic Life
@CF Trivium: CFT Trap Stars & CFT We Like it Rough & ITF Bottom Feeders


WOD 1: (00:00-20:00)
20 Min AMRAP
5 Synchro Deadlifts (275/185/125)
10 Synchro TTB/Knee Raises Above Parallel
Alternate M/F Pairs each round

WOD Standards: (4 athletes, 2 males, 2 females in mixed gender pairs)
Each team will have two bars, one at the male weight and one at the female weight. The workout will begin with the first male/female pair starting with their 5 deadlifts. The athletes will complete the lifts in synchronized fashion. After five synchro repetitions are complete with their barbell, they will move to the pull-up bar to complete 10 synchronized toes-to-bars. After all 10 reps are complete, they will tag in the other pair who will proceed through the two movements in the same manner. The two pairs will continue to alternate in this manner, accumulating as many reps as possible before the 20-minute time cap.

The team’s score is the total number of repetitions completed within the 20 minutes.

Synchronized Deadlifts: Both athletes will begin with the barbell on the ground and finishes when the both athletes stands up the weight to full extension of the knees and hips, with their shoulders behind the bar at the top of the movement. Athletes must show hip extension at the same time for the rep to count. (If athlete 1 reaches full hip/knee extension before athlete 2, he/she must wait for athlete 2 to reach full hip/knee extension before the synchro rep is complete.)The athletes may choose any grip they like, but their feet must be inside their hands. No sumo stances are permitted. Once the athlete has achieved lockout, they may drop the barbell from the top, but the bar must come to a rest before beginning another rep. Any repetition that is bounced will not count. EACH athlete will perform 5 deadlifts, together, for a total of 5 synchronized deadlift reps.

“Synchronized” TTB: Both athletes must go from a full hang to having the toes touch the pull-up bar. For the rep to count, both athletes’ toes must touch the bar before beginning the next rep. Ex: Athlete 1 touches toes to the bar, but athlete 2 is slower to get his/her toes to the bar. Athlete 1 DOES NOT have to keep his/her toes on the bar like the top of the deadlift rep, but may not start the next rep until Athlete 2 has touched toes to the bar to complete the “synchro” rep. At the start of each rep the arms must be fully extended and the feet must be brought back behind the bar and behind the body. Both feet must come into contact with the bar at the same time, inside the hands. For Scaled division, the arms and hips must be fully extended at the bottom and the feet must be brought back behind the bar and behind the body. At the top of the repetition, the athlete must raise their knees above the height of their hips. Same standards at the T2B in regards to athlete 1 must wait for athlete 2 to finish rep before beginning the next rep. Scaled athletes will be scored on knee raises, therefore, scaled athletes can do T2B should they choose to work on that skill this week, but will NOT be given a higher ranking for choosing to do so. EACH athlete will perform 10 T2B, together, for a total of 10 synchronized T2B reps (or knee raises).

3 Minute Transition (20:00-23:00)

WOD 2: (23:00-33:00)
10 Min AMRAP – Male pair – one male barbell
20 Clean and Jerks (155/105#)
20 Clean and Jerks (185/125#)
20 Clean and Jerks (205/135#)
Max Reps @ 225/145#

3 Minute Transition (33:00-36:00)

WOD 3: (36:00-46:00)
10 Min AMRAP – Female pair – one female barbell
20 Clean and Jerks (95/65#)
20 Clean and Jerks (115/75#)
20 Clean and Jerks (130/85#)
Max Reps @ 145/95#

WOD Standards: (4 athletes, 2 males, 2 females in same gender pairs)
For WODs 2 and 3, same gender pairs will perform an AMRAP clean and jerks with ascending weight. For each pair, there is only one barbell. Partners may alternate reps at any point. Once 20 reps is completed at given weight, any teammates (working resting) may help load the barbell to the next weight (spectators and judges may not help load barbell). Once 60 clean and jerks are completed at assigned weight, the pair will complete as many reps as possible at final weight with remaining time.

Clean & Jerk: The bar begins on the ground. Athletes must clean the weight to his/her shoulder receiving it in the front rack position. Athletes may muscle, power, split, or squat clean. The athlete does not have to reach full hip extension before beginning the jerk portion of the movement. We are allowing any shoulder to overhead movement for the the jerk portion of the clean & jerk. The overhead portion may be performed as either a strict press, push press, push jerk or split jerk. The rep will be counted when the athlete has reached full extension of the knees, hips, and elbows and his/her feet are returned under his/her hips.

3 Minute Transition (46:00-49:00)

WOD 4: (49:00-64:00)
For Time: 15 min time cap
100 Box Facing Burpee Box Jump Overs (20”) with OH bar hold x2
100 Overhead Squats (115/75/55) with bar hang x2

WOD Standards: (4 athletes, 2 males, 2 females)
Each team will have a barbell loaded to the men’s weight and one loaded to the women’s weight. At the start of the workout, two teammates will each lift a barbell to have both barbells held in the overhead position. (Men CAN hold women’s barbell and women CAN hold men’s barbell for the overhead hold portion of this WOD.) In order for the burpee box jump overs to count, both barbells must be overhead for the duration of the rep. Narrow grip or wide grip on the barbell is permitted, and arms are not required to be locked out, but the barbell must remain above the height of the head, and certainly may not touch the head at anytime. The 100 burpee box jump overs may be divided however the team likes, but only one athlete can be performing them at a time. After all 100 burpee box jump overs are completed, the team will complete a total of 100 overhead squats. This time for the reps to count, two of the teammates must be hanging from the pull-up bar with feet clearly off the ground. Any style of grip is permitted on the bar hang. Hand grips may be used, or the bar may be taped, but not both. Lifting straps may not be used. Only one athlete may perform overhead squats at a time, and men must complete reps using the men’s weight and women with the women’s weight. Racks are not permitted.

Box Facing Burpees Box Jump Overs: While facing the box with the body perpendicular to the box, the athlete must touch their chest and thighs to the ground before progressing over the box. Athlete does not have to reach full hip extension before stepping or jumping off the box. Rx athletes must jump onto or over the box. Scaled athletes may step onto the box. If stepping, BOTH feet must touch the top of the box before exiting the top of the box on the other side. The rep if complete when both feet of the athlete touch the ground on the opposite side of the box from starting the rep. All divisions may step or jump their feet back and in on the burpee portion of the movement. (No new Open burpee standard this WOD.)

Overhead Squat:  A full squat snatch is permitted, but not required, to start the movement, and an OHS squat rep will be given for the squat snatch as long as the proper squat depth is achieved. The hip crease must be below the knee at the bottom of the squat with the bar overhead. The hips and knees must fully open at the top (full hip extension) with the barbell overhead. The judges will be particularly strict about ensuring the hip fully opens at the top of the squat (no leaning forward). The barbell may not touch the head at anytime during the movement. Only one athlete is permitted to have contact with the barbell at all times. (You may not help your teammate put the bar on his/her back.) Non-working athlete must wait until working athlete has dropped the bar before he/she may touch his/her barbell.)