Personal Training

At Talon, wfullsizerendere understand that the needs of each individual are different. While group training may work for some, others may need, or just may want, a more individualized experience. Our coaches start all of our new members with a FREE one-on-one physical assessment, movement screening, as well a discussion as to the priorities and goals of the new member. From the initial assessment, your “Coach For Life” will design a program to meet your needs, goals, and schedule. Your professional coach will work closely with you to help you achieve your fitness, health, and lifestyle goals. Common goals of many of our new members include weight loss, better mobility, increased cardiovascular endurance, increased stamina, increased strength, increased energy, and many more. All of our Talon members have one goal in common: they want to be able to live a better life. Even though you will be training individually with your Coach for Life, you will be in the supportive and encouraging environment of the Talon community. Talon is indeed a community of like-minded individuals where health and fitness is a priority inside and outside of the gym. If you are serious about making lifestyle changes, contact us to schedule your free introductory session today.