Talon’s Youth Individualized Design Program

With over 16 years experience in youth performance training, we understand the needs of our youth athletes. We also understand that those needs vary greatly depending on the sport(s), the goals, and even the schedule of those youth. As a parent, wouldn’t it be great for your child to have a Coach that both you and your son or daughter could depend on to be sure he/she was receiving the type of training that took all of his/her needs into consideration? A training program that actually took into account the many other practices he/she has each week, and well as the individual goals of your son/daughter? ┬áThose goals could be to get fit for an upcoming season, to be stronger for the next season, to change body composition for an overall healthier life, to prevent injuries, to boost confidence….the list can go on and on. We also realize that goals change, as they should, as our youth grow into the adults they will become. To receive this type of individualized attention, usually parents must invest hundreds or thousands of dollars each month on a personal trainer, which we know can be very challenging with all the other fees from all the other activities. However, you still want to be sure your child is receiving the best training possible and his/her body is able to handle the demands placed on it. Sound familiar?┬áThen Talon’s new approach to the youth may be just for you!

What is Youth Individualized Design?

Just like with our adult members, our Individualized Design Program first begins with a Coach For Life, and an assessment. Don’t worry…your child won’t need to bring you #2 pencil, but rather workout clothes, along with an idea of what you want his/her workout schedule to look like (how many days/week?, will you train at Talon, home gym, or another facility?), as well as the goals he/she is setting out to accomplish. Our Talon Coach will conduct a movement analysis as well as some basic fitness assessments to establish a starting point for his/her program. From that assessment, the Coach will be able to start to create the individualized program and input it into our very cool app that will from that day forward, connect you and your child to his/her Coach For Life, and his/her fitness journey.

What will your son/daughter do with this program specifically designed for them? This is where the not spending thousands of dollars part comes into play, by still utilizing the group setting. Through our experience, we know that the youth love to be able to be with their peers, and still need engaged instruction from a coach. Therefore, our youth will still come to class at 4:30pm. The coach will lead them through a warmup to properly prepare their bodies for the day, and will ask to see each individual’s ID program. After the warmup, each youth will work through their own program alongside their peers, under the supervision of a Talon coach. The class will have until 5:45pm each day to complete their Individualized Design Program. The coach leading the session will not only be sure each youth is demonstrating proper technique and intensity, but help them to stay on track in regards to time management.

What about this app? Using the app, your son/daughter will complete the workout his/her coach has planned for each day, and provide feedback to the coach directly into the app. We welcome input from you as the parent as well, as often times you as parent can provide more specific feedback as to how they are responding to the different workouts, or to fill us in on other aspects of their life that may affect their time in the gym. The coach will then use that information to continue to develop a program that is dialed in to meet the needs and goals of your son/daughter. A program that is specifically designed for him/her, and is adjusted based on constant feedback and assessment, is ultimately a program that will produce RESULTS.

We will be piloting this new approach to the youth beginning Wednesday, March 1st. All youth memberships will be moved to monthly memberships, and we will offer 1x/week, 2x/week, and 3x+/week. We are sorry for any inconvenience, but punch cards will no longer work with this type of individualized attention. However, we are confident that by offering the different packages for the youth and you working closely with your son/daughter’s coach, we can find a solution that will work well for you and your youth. We all know that only through consistency can progress be made, and are designing this program around that belief. Please complete the contact form below with any questions.

What does Youth Individualized Programming Include?

  • Individualized training plans just for your son/daughter (no templates).
  • State of the art technology used to track and monitor results.
  • Attendance of Youth ID classes Monday through Friday, 4:30pm-5:45pm.
  • Full analysis of nutrition and lifestyle (diet, sleep habits, stress levels, etc.) if requested.
  • Consistent and reliable contact with your Coach.
  • Monthly 30 minute consult with your Coach.

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