Final Results for Spring 2018!

Sorry for the delay....we had a score card go missing, and for those of you that know me, I HATE having to give teams DNF's....but ultimately, the score card is lost, and here are the final results for the Spring season! Only 4 points separated 1st and 2nd place in...

Week 5 WODs – presented by Paleo Works

Just a reminder on locations for this week: @CF Zoetic: Zoetic Life & Swolensville @OPEX Franklin (formerly Talon): OPEX Franklin (Scaled team) & CFWN Mujeres y Hombres Locos @CF West Nashville: CFWN Average at Best & ITF Bottom Feeders @CF Nolensville: CFN Morningwod...

Week 4 Results – presented by Move Home Nashville

Week 4 Results as well as this week's locations so you all can plan accordingly. Week 4 Scaled Scoring Week 4 Rx Scoring Locations for this last week of Music City Box League are as follows: @CF Zoetic: Zoetic Life & Swolensville @OPEX Franklin (formerly Talon): OPEX...

Week 4 WODs presented by Move Home Nashville

A huge thank you to Joe Dozier over at Move Home Nashville for sponsoring this week's WODs! Your locations are as follows: @OPEX Franklin (formerly Talon): OPEX Franklin (Scaled team) & Zoetic Life @CF West Nashville: CFWN Average at Best & OPEX Franklin (Rx) @CF...

Week 3 Results – presented by Voodoo Chiropractic

Week 3 results are in! Scaled Week 3 Scoring Rx Week 3 Scoring

Week 3 WODs presented by VooDoo Chiropractic

A huge thanks to Dr. Megan Pfeffer at Voodoo Chiropractic for sponsoring this week's WODs. Your locations are as follows: @ CrossFit Zoetic: Zoetic Justice & CFN Morningwod @OPEX Franklin (formerly Talon):  OPEX Franklin Rx, CFMJ Cressley's Crew 2.0 & CFWN Average at...

Week 2 Results – presented by Barbell Voodoo

We had some VERY impressive rowing scores last week! Below are the scores for last week as well as current ranking in the league. This week's WODs will be released no later than Tuesday. Scaled Week 2 Results Rx Week 2 Results  ...

Week 2 WODs presented by Barbell Voodoo

Your locations are as follows for week 2: @ CrossFit Zoetic: Zoetic Justice & ITF Bottom Feeders @OPEX Franklin (formerly Talon):  OPEX Franklin (Scaled team) & Swolensville @CF West Nashville: CFWN Mujeres Y Hombres Locos & Zoetic Life @CF Nolensville: CFN Morningwod...

Week 1 Results – presented by Paleo Works

Thanks for a fun 1st week! Just a bit of housekeeping before the results: Hosts: Score cards are your responsibility on the nights you host. (This is in return for not having to "travel":) Please print score cards from email sent to you for all teams competing at your...

Week 1 WOD’s Presented by Paleo Works

Welcome to the Spring 2018 Season of your Music City Box League! Your results from this first week will place you into the Rx or Scaled division, and will also count towards your final ranking at the end of the season. If you have not registered or paid your...

2018 Season Info

The goal of the MCBL is to bring the greater CrossFit community together. We love the friendly competition the sport of CrossFit has brought us, and want to continue to use that love of competition to cultivate relationships with one another among the separate boxes.

Based on the results collected from the survey for how you all wanted this season to run, the Spring 2018 season will run for 5 weeks on Thursday evenings at 8pm. WODs will be released on a weekly basis and at a consistent day throughout the season.

NEW THIS SEASON: You will no longer select your team’s division, but we will use Week 1’s results to place you into divisions. Since this league is for the recreational CrossFitter, but there are of course many levels within that label, this should help make for a much more enjoyable season overall. Week 1’s WOD’s will be designed to be well rounded and give us a good idea of which teams to group together for competitive divisions. Also new this season, all teams will still need to provide ONE judge each week, but team members NOT participating in the current WOD will be permitted to judge the other team for that portion of the WOD (meaning there may be several judges swapping out during the night). You cannot swap a judge during a WOD, but can swap in between WODs throughout the course of the night.

The first match of the Spring 2018 league begins on Thursday, April 19th at 8pm, and will run for 5 weeks with the last match taking place on May 17th. All box owners, designated MCBL coordinator, or team captains will need to register their team names by Wednesday, April 4th. Once team registration is complete, individual registration will be opened no later than Tuesday, April 3rd. All individuals will need to be registered and paid individually by Saturday, April 7th.

As always, we will be offering this season’s unique MCBL tee which includes all this season’s teams listed on the back. Each team will receive the tee color of their choice, given on a first come, first serve basis (in regards to choice of color), so be sure your team captain registers your team asap and chooses your team tee color.

Our Story

Talon School Of Fitness is proud to bring you the Music City Box League, a competition league!  We have cooked up a new fun competition for all of us NORMAL CrossFitters.  For those that are not familiar with the concept – think adult softball league for CrossFitters. It’s a head to head team based competition designed to take up about an hour of your week and to provide more competition opportunities for those of us that can’t (or won’t) go to some of the larger throwdowns in our region.  We provide opportunities for athletes at the Rx and Scaled levels. Teams of 4-6 will battle it out for the title of the fittest team in Middle Tennessee!

Our long-time member and box tech guru, Cy Fenton, came across the idea of an affiliate league while visiting other boxes on travel for his “real” job.  As a passionate CrossFitter who loves to compete, he brought the idea back to Talon.  It wasn’t until the Summer of 2013 when Dennis and Tara Cheatham, owners of CrossFit Talon, decided to act on an idea that they thought could bring our cities’ CrossFit community together on a regular basis. The idea, a city- wide CrossFit Competition that would allow any and all CrossFit athletes to prove their fitness.  After long discussion and collaboration we decided that this idea was too good to let slide and that it needed to become a reality as soon as possible!

League Rules

Participating affiliates will be hosting the weekly matches beginning at 8pm.  Location and direction information will be posted on the weekly match schedule, with each affiliate allowing for use of their equipment.

Please indicate when you register your team name if your box is willing to host. If we get enough boxes to host, we may not need each venue to host every week, which we know would be easier on the box owners. SMALLER BOXES CAN HOST! Most boxes last season just had 2 teams competing at one time in their box, making it reasonable for the smaller boxes to host matches. So…invite the local CrossFit community to your box and show them what makes your box so special to you! (And it is always more fun to compete on your home turf…right?!?!)

EVERY TEAM PROVIDES A JUDGE EACH WEEK. Each team competing will provide ONE judge each week to judge the opposing team. Therefore, each team competing, both traveling and host teams, will need one judge. If possible, judges should be CrossFit Level 1 certified, or have completed CF Judges online certification. While these credentials are helpful, they are not necessary, but please just be sure they understand good standards and are confident enough to hold athletes to those standards. Hosts are responsible for conducting an athlete and judge briefing before each match. Athletes are permitted to judge the other team if a team could not find a judge for that evening, but obviously can only judge the WODs that they are not participating in, meaning there may be several judges throughout the course of the night. Judges cannot be swapped during a WOD, but can change from WOD to WOD, as there are always multiple WODs each week.

Traditional CrossFit scoring will be used for the league, with each team being ranked against every other team in the division for each WOD. There is a  traveling plaque for both divisions. Champions will have their team name engraved as well as the season conquered on the plaque and will proudly display the plaque at their own box until the next MCBL season begins.

Each team must be made up of members from a registered CrossFit Affiliate or other pre-approved gym. Boxes may enter as many teams as they’d like in each division.  Each team must have a roster of 4-6 athletes, 2-3 males and 2-3 females.

One athlete from each team must be registered as the Team Captain.  This individual will be the point person for all League communication and will be responsible for passing on important information to members of the team.

Team registration is $50 per athlete for the season. Team t-shirts in the color unique to your team, can be purchased for an additional $18. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the designated non-profit chosen for the season.

Each box may submit a substitution roster at no additional charge. This sub roster is due before the first match of the season. Any team from your box may utilize the sub list as needed throughout the season. Each sub will be designated as an Rx or Scaled substitute. (Honor system here;) Rx subs may NOT sub for a scaled team. Scaled subs may sub for an Rx team.


We will use Week 1 results as a qualifier and place teams into divisions accordingly. This is the first time we are trying this out, so we will see how it goes. Week 1 will be a very comprehensive week to determine proper placement. We will use those results to divide into divisions that make sense from a competition standpoint. We will not know how many divisions, or how many teams we will have in each division until we see the data from week 1.

This suggestion has some up many times over the years, and we believe we have the man power to pull it off this year! Don’t worry, there will be another survey at the end of the season so you can tell us if you hated it or loved it!


INDIVIDUAL registration is now OPEN!

Your team captain has submitted your team name and tee color…now it is your turn to get registered! Individual registration is a quick process, so please have it completed no later than Saturday, April 7th so we can get our tees from Barbell Voodoo Private Label in time for the first match!

If you are registering on a team, please complete the form below. If you are registering as a sub, please complete this SUB ONLY FORM. Please note: We are using the honor system here. You know if you are an Rx or Scaled athlete. We also know that there are a lot of people in between. If you are a true Rx athlete, please only substitute for an Rx team. If you are a scaled athlete, you may sub for either a scaled or Rx team. Thank you:)

Team Registration - Click to fill out Registration Form
This is to register individuals only, not teams. Please submit a new form for each individual.
Be sure this phone is capable of receiving texts.
Rx/Scaled designation will be decided after week 1, but for boxes with 2 teams, I included the label chosen by the team captain in case you don't know your team name;)
If you captain selected a team color, you will find your name and color here to select your team color. If your team isn't ordering tees but you would still like one, select that option.

I accept
Individual Registration fee: 49.99.
Please let us know if you have special needs for competition or any comments about our registration process.

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