Talon’s Individualized Design Program

Do you love the idea of having a program designed specifically for you, based on your strengths and weakness, your goals, your schedule…but don’t want the schedule restraints or the cost associated with hiring a personal trainer? Then Talon’s Individual Design program is just for you!

What exactly is Individualized Design?

Individualized Design first begins with a Coach For Life, and an assessment. Don’t worry…you don’t need to bring you #2 pencil, but rather yourself in your workout clothes, along with an idea of what you want your workout schedule to look like (how many days/week?, will you train at Talon, home gym, or another facility?), as well as the goals you are setting out to accomplish. Your Coach will also be asking about your lifestyle: ie how many hours of sleep you get per night, how much water you drink per day, your nutrition habits, the stressors in your life. Your Coach will also conduct a movement analysis as well as some basic fitness assessments to establish a starting point for your program. From that assessment, your Coach will create the first week of your individualized program and input it into our very cool app that will from that day forward, connect you to your Coach For Life, and your fitness journey.

Using the app, you will complete the workout your coach has planned for you each day, and provide feedback to your coach directly into the app. Your coach will then use that information to continue to develop a program that is dialed in to meet your needs and goals. A program that is specifically designed for you, and is adjusted based on constant feedback and assessment, is ultimately a program that will produce RESULTS. The app also includes videos for both you and the coach in case you can’t always remember the names of all the movements or how to do them properly.

What is included in Talon ID?

  • An individualized training plan just for you (no templates).
  • Flexible training times that work with your busy schedule.
  • Full analysis of nutrition and lifestyle (diet, sleep habits, stress levels, etc.)
  • Regular InBody assessment scans to track progress at no extra charge.
  • State of the art technology used to track and monitor your results.
  • Consistent and reliable contact with your Coach.
  • Monthly 30 minute consult with your Coach.

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