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Final Results for Spring 2018!

Sorry for the delay....we had a score card go missing, and for those of you that know me, I HATE having to give teams DNF's....but ultimately, the score card is lost, and here are the final results for the Spring season! Only 4 points separated 1st and 2nd place in...

Week 5 WODs – presented by Paleo Works

Just a reminder on locations for this week: @CF Zoetic: Zoetic Life & Swolensville @OPEX Franklin (formerly Talon): OPEX Franklin (Scaled team) & CFWN Mujeres y Hombres Locos @CF West Nashville: CFWN Average at Best & ITF Bottom Feeders @CF...

Week 4 Results – presented by Move Home Nashville

Week 4 Results as well as this week's locations so you all can plan accordingly. Week 4 Scaled Scoring Week 4 Rx Scoring Locations for this last week of Music City Box League are as follows: @CF Zoetic: Zoetic Life & Swolensville @OPEX Franklin (formerly...

Week 4 WODs presented by Move Home Nashville

A huge thank you to Joe Dozier over at Move Home Nashville for sponsoring this week's WODs! Your locations are as follows: @OPEX Franklin (formerly Talon): OPEX Franklin (Scaled team) & Zoetic Life @CF West Nashville: CFWN Average at Best & OPEX Franklin (Rx)...

Week 3 WODs presented by VooDoo Chiropractic

A huge thanks to Dr. Megan Pfeffer at Voodoo Chiropractic for sponsoring this week's WODs. Your locations are as follows: @ CrossFit Zoetic: Zoetic Justice & CFN Morningwod @OPEX Franklin (formerly Talon):  OPEX Franklin Rx, CFMJ Cressley's Crew 2.0 & CFWN...

Week 2 Results – presented by Barbell Voodoo

We had some VERY impressive rowing scores last week! Below are the scores for last week as well as current ranking in the league. This week's WODs will be released no later than Tuesday. Scaled Week 2 Results Rx Week 2 Results    

Week 2 WODs presented by Barbell Voodoo

Your locations are as follows for week 2: @ CrossFit Zoetic: Zoetic Justice & ITF Bottom Feeders @OPEX Franklin (formerly Talon):  OPEX Franklin (Scaled team) & Swolensville @CF West Nashville: CFWN Mujeres Y Hombres Locos & Zoetic Life @CF...

Week 1 Results – presented by Paleo Works

Thanks for a fun 1st week! Just a bit of housekeeping before the results: Hosts: Score cards are your responsibility on the nights you host. (This is in return for not having to "travel":) Please print score cards from email sent to you for all teams competing at your...

Week 1 WOD’s Presented by Paleo Works

Welcome to the Spring 2018 Season of your Music City Box League! Your results from this first week will place you into the Rx or Scaled division, and will also count towards your final ranking at the end of the season. If you have not registered or paid your...

Spring 2018 Individual Registration NOW OPEN!

Team names are in, and we are ready for another fun-filled season! Remember, week 1 will determine your Rx or Scaled placement in the league this year, but I have used those designations in the individual registration form for the teams with more than one team so you...

WOD 03/30/2018

A) Scapular Circles: 8-10reps x2, rest :30
B) Weighted Pronated Pullup: build to a moderate 5 reps in 10min
C) Rope climbs: 3reps x3 every 2:00

AMRAP 30@70% effort
80 Calorie Row
5 Bar Muscle ups
10 GHD Situps
15 Ring Pushups
20 Squats

Mobility: LAX T-spine/Scapula Smash in Shoulder Extension/Adduction w/External load + Barbell Anterior Shoulder Capsule Smash w/ Shoulder Internal Rotation 

WOD 03/29/2018

A) Back Squat@20×1: 2,2,1,1 every 2:00 building to a moderate single
B) SL GHD Hip Extensions@2112: 6-8/L x2, rest :90
C1) Banded Pressdowns@20×2: 12-15reps x2, rest :40
C2) Hammer Curls@30×1: 10-12reps x2, rest :40

Row: 15min easy effort…NASAL BREATHING

Mobility: Banded Anterior Hip Distraction in Extension

WOD 03/28/2018

A) Scapular Circles: 8-10reps x2, rest :30
B) Arch to hollow kips: 6-8reps x2, rest :30
C) T2B: AMRAP :60 x3, rest 2:00

EMOM 30@70% effort
#1: P. Clean: 1.1.1 @60%, drop from shoudlers each rep
#2: Front Rack KB Walking lunge: 10m @25/35#
#3: :50 Row @70% effort
#4: Ring Muscle ups, repeatable UB Sets
#5: :50 Airbike @70% effort
#6: 10 DB Snatch 50/35#

Banded Bully+ Banded Shoulder Abduction Distraction+ Banded Sink