So, this is way out of my comfort zone. I’ll gladly talk all day about what I’ve done and how I’ve changed my nutrition to see results, but to show an actual picture, a selfie non-the-less, of my 12 week progress makes me a bit nervous. But, I’m in this business to help others reach their health and fitness goals so here it is. I had been at a place in my journey to become as healthy and fit as possible where I was feeling discouraged. Thinking about ¬†quitting on a regular basis. I felt strong, but still struggled with the higher level gymnastics movements. I had almost come to the conclusion that I am just good at moving heavy weight and will never conquer large amounts of chest 2 bar pull-ups or handstand push-ups. After sitting stagnant for a while, I decided to pull my big girl pants on and change what I wasn’t happy with. In order for me to improve in the areas I struggled, I needed to drop body fat. Where I know I didn’t have a ton to lose, my body fat percentage had crept up a little more than I was comfortable with in the last two years. So I began my journey and took advice from a friend to take before and after pictures, because with body re- composition, the scale can lie. I started by just figuring out exactly what my macro and caloric intake needed to be in order to support body fat loss, but also fuel my daily training. Once I had the macro amounts figured out and stuck to a specific intake, I saw massive amounts of difference in my performance in the gym. But, I wanted more than just performance. Therefore, I then started structuring my carb intake around my training to fuel and recover properly. I was religious about timing and caloric intake for 12 weeks and I saw huge improvements. I’m down 10lbs and 3% body fat, and my workouts are feeling better then ever. By timing my macros correctly, I was able to drop body fat but not lose any of my strength. In fact I’ve hit a few PR’s!!! I’ve also learned to enjoy the journey, not just the end result. The day to day changes were fun to see. On days where I was feeling burnt out or discouraged I would take another selfie and compare to where I was a few weeks ago, and sure enough, it always gave me the reassurance I needed to push through. So I encourage all of you to start taking selfies, seeing progress side by side makes it enjoyable, especially when you start to changes in muscles you didn’t even know where there!!!!!