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Talon is dedicated to cultivating a knowledgeable and supportive community by providing professional coaching, driven by the pursuit to EMPOWER our athletes, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Dennis Cheatham MS, ATC, CSCS, CF-LII a.k.a. “D”

Talon School Of Fitness Owner/Head Coach/Talon Weightlifting Club President
Credentials/Certifications/Awards: B.S. Bio/Chem/ATC Belmont University, M.S. Exercise Physiology & Health Promotions Middle TN State University, National Athletic Trainer Association Certified, National Strength & Conditioning Association Certified, OPEX CCP Level 1, CrossFit Level I & II Certificate, CrossFit Mobility Trainer, CrossFit Gymnastics Cert., CrossFit Football, USAW Advanced Sports Performance, USAW Club Coach, United States Soccer Federation “C” National Licensed, National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist, CPR, First AID
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Favorite Movement: Wall Balls & AirDyne/Airbike
Least Favorite Movement: Rope Climb & Handstand Walking
Favorite Cheat Food: Triple Meat (1lb+) Burger w/ Egg, Cheese, Bacon and Fries
Fun Fact: I cried at the end of “The Notebook”.
What I love about Functional Fitness: The community!
  • Programming And Motivating Stare 99%
  • Air Guitar 65%
  • Mr. Miyagi Rehab Technique 85%

Eli Gould

CrossFit Talon Coach

Certifications/Awards: Bachelor of Business Administration Abilene Christian University, Crossfit Level I, Level II, Crossfit Endurance, Crossfit Mobility, Crossfit Gymnastics, Crossfit Weightlifting, USAW Sports Performance Coach

Hometown: Abilene, TX

Favorite Movement: Deadlift

Least Favorite Movement: Wall Balls

Favorite cheat food: Cheeseburgers

Fun Fact: Once in the same year, I’ve ridden a bicycle over 12,000 miles, broken 3 ribs in bicycle crashes, and ran over a deer while on my bike.

What I love about Functional Fitness: It is never boring, always a challenge, and everyone suffers the same.

  • Likelihood Of Being In A Band With Dennis 80%
  • Pose Running Knowledge 95%
  • Coffee Consumption 150%

Lisa Sipe

Talon School Of Fitness Coach

Certifications/Awards: Bachelor of Science Auburn University, CrossFit Level I Certificate, CrossFit Gymnastics

Hometown: Don’t really have one since I was a military brat but I claim Madison, AL since that was the area I lived the longest

Favorite Movement: Thruster

Least Favorite Movement: Hand stand push-ups

Favorite Cheat Food: Nachos

Fun Fact:  I lived in Germany for 2 years as a kid

What I love about Functional Fitness: It shows you how much fun exercising can be and the community that it builds.

  • Warmup Difficulty 100%
  • Swagger 85%
  • Dennis Comment Comebacks 95%

Nick Desalvatore

Talon School Of Fitness Coach

Certifications/Awards: Bachelor of Science from the University of Southern Indiana, Crossfit Level I Trainer, NFPT Certified Personal Trainer.

Hometown: Brentwood,TN

Favorite Movement: Muscle Up

Least Favorite Movement: Thruster

Favorite Cheat Food: Pizza

What I like most about Functional Fitness: I love that anyone can be a CrossFitter. It doesn’t matter your age, weight, or gender everyone is there for the same reason which is to improve their health and wellbeing to live a healthy life. It doesn’t matter your physical ability, there will always be a way you can complete any WOD.

  • Likelihood Of Training A Former Teacher 100%
  • First Draft Pick For Talon’s Soccer Team 90%
  • Haircut Neatness 95%

Tara Cheatham, CCFT

Talon School Of Fitness Owner/Coach
Certifications/Awards: Bachelor of Science Belmont University, CrossFit Level III Coach, CrossFit Mobility Trainer, CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer, CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer, USAW Sports Performance Coach, USSF National D License
Hometown: West Chester, Ohio
Favorite Movement: Box Jumps
Least Favorite Movement: Thruster
Favorite Cheat Food: Fajita nachos or gluten free pizza (bad things happen when cheese and gluten are in the same cheat;)
Fun Fact: I found my way to Nashville through a soccer scholarship where I was a 4 year captain for Belmont University where I met Dennis, only to later get married…on a soccer field…in white cleats:)
What I love about Functional Fitness: For me personally, I love the gap it filled after no longer having competitive sports after college. As a science geek, I love the tracking of data and the emphasis on proper biomechanical movement. As a coach and community builder, I love how it brings people together and allows people to progress no matter their current level of fitness. Most of all, I love that it has allowed us to create the CF Talon community, who are by far some of the most genuine, hard working, giving people who support one another in each other’s goals, and of whom I am so proud to call my Talon family.
  • Putting Out Fires 100%
  • Taking Care Of Business/Working Overtime 99.8%
  • Sporting Tall Socks 84%

Eric “Teddy” Warren

Talon School Of Fitness Coach

Certifications/Awards: Bachelor Of Arts from The University of Tennessee-Knoxville, CrossFit Level I Certificate

Hometown: Brentwood born and raised

Favorite Movement: Snatch

Least Favorite Movement: Thruster

Favorite Cheat Food: Burritos!!!

Fun Fact: Teddy is in no way anywhere in my legal name.

What I love about Functional Fitness: I love that it is scalable to include any and everyone and that on any given day anyone from any background can come in and work their tail off to achieve their goals.

  • Fist Bump Reliability 98%
  • Legal Name Recognizability 7%
  • Positivity 100%

Lee Bogitsh

Talon School Of Fitness Coach

Certifications/Awards: Bachelor Of Arts from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, CrossFit Level I Certificate

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Favorite CrossFit Movement: Legless Rope Climbs

Least Favorite CrossFit Movement: Running

Favorite Cheat Food: Pizza/Cheeseburgers

Fun Fact: I was voted Most Academic in high school.

What I love about CrossFit: I love the fact that you can see the results of functional fitness in your everyday life, both physically and mentally, and as a result everyday life becomes easier.

  • Coloring Technique 98%
  • Deconstruction Of Dennis’ Lectures 90%
  • Age Transparency 85%

Pritchard Walker

Talon School Of Fitness Coach

CertificationsAwards: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Marine Tactical Training, HITT Certified

Hometown: Franklin, TN

Favorite Movement: Bar Muscle Ups/ Snatch

Least Favorite Movement: Thruster

Favorite Cheat Food: Fried Chicken

Fun Fact: I have 7 brothers and sisters

What I love about Functional Fitness: I love the emotional and psychological challenge of pushing past barriers you never thought possible, and the way the community supports each other through it all.

  • Bathroom Detail 100%
  • Readiness For The Unknown And Unknowable 90%
  • Patriotism 100%

Miranda Huston

Talon School Of Fitness Coach

CertificationsAwards: Bachelor Of Science from Michigan State University, Master Of Science from The University of Tennessee in Public Health Nutrition, Master Of Public Health in Community Health Education and Epidemiology, L1 and CF Movement and Mobility Certificate. Also a certified tobacco treatment specialist, certified health coach, and certified health education specialist

Hometown: Fenton MI

Favorite Movement: Hand Stand Pushups

Least Favorite Movement: Cleans

Favorite Cheat Food: doughnuts – especially Five Daughters!

Fun Fact: I have a cute little parrot as a pet!

What I love about Functional Fitness: I love that it accessible to EVERYONE! Absolutely every body type, age, ability level! And it’s incredibly fun to work in a group and community!

  • Dance Skillz 100%
  • Economic Usage of Whiteboard Space 15%
  • Practically Perfect Paleo Proponent 99%

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