BOBThe community of CrossFit is all about having other people there to push you beyond what you think you are capable of and encourage you along the way. Walking in the door means there are 15­20 other people that are ready to work and sweat right along with you. Part of your daily ritual becomes checking the whiteboard to see how you stack up against those people, and you chase the names that always seem to be just ahead of you.

Over time, you begin to catch and pass those very people you have been working so hard to get within your grasp. So then what? You find new people to chase. As your strengths become specialties and your weaknesses become strengths, you have to find a new goal to reach. The tendency is to do this by watching your fellow CrossFitters and striving to get where they are, but what happens when that person doesn’t show up for class? Or what if you are in the first class of the day? Who do you chase then?

The point is that you are really only chasing yourself and the clock. This is evident in the benchmark WODs that you continue to repeat to see how much your skills, technique, and conditioning have developed. Who cares if your Fran time is slower than your friends’ as long as you bettered yourself from the last time you did it? While the community is a major aspect that draws people into CrossFit, it’s the inner fire to constantly advance that keeps them coming back. So the next time you set up at your bar, remember that you are the only one capable of improving yourself. Your community will be there to support your individual efforts, and you will do the same in return; so make your workout more about you and less about everyone else.