We are very excited to tell you about our upcoming “What is CrossFit?” Seminar and how you can help. There is something in it for you so keep reading….

On Thursday December 12th at 7:15pm AND Saturday December 14th at 10:30 am we will be hosting a seminar called “What is CrossFit?”. This is free and open to the public. No matter which box you call home, we all want to continue to grow our incredible communities and change the world one CrossFitter at a time. We at CF Talon want the same, which is why we are asking for your participation in a seminar designed to help all of us in the greater Nashville area reach out into our respective communities. We first thought of this idea because even though each box offers a free trial session, as well as some kind of introductory Foundations or On-Ramp classes, there are still people out there that are way too intimidated to walk through our doors. And how about all of the negative press we have been getting lately? ”CrossFit is dangerous,” “CrossFit causes Rhabdo,” “Don’t do CrossFit ladies…unless you want to get big and bulky”. Well, at least we are causing a stir in the fitness world;) But…it is this type of negative press that can keep potential members from walking into our boxes and changing their lives forever. So, I suggest we do something to change it!

Our hope is to introduce anyone interested to the CrossFit owners and coaches in the area so that they can choose the community that is right for them. This 75-90 minute seminar will serve as a general education about what CrossFit is and why your friends, family, coworkers, etc. may find it to be something they want to take part in. We are hosting it 2 different times to allow for more opportunities for attendance.

We have the seminar structured into 3 parts:

1) What is CrossFit? We are using Chris Spealler’s blog he wrote entitled “Training CrossFit vs. CrossFit as a Sport” as a basis for this portion of the seminar. If you haven’t read it yet, you should do so: http://chrisspealler.com/training-crossfit-vs-crossfit-as-a-sport/

2) FAQ’s: We will answer the most common questions asked about CrossFit, and will even have a handout for our “secret language”….WOD, AMRAP,EMOM, etc.

3) Foundations Demo: I know we all do our introductory classes differently, but I would like to think we all teach the basics with a PVC pipe. We plan on a small demo of how Talon does it so the people can see that they won’t be expected to throw around bumper plates or do a muscle up on their first day in the box.

So how can you help and what’s in it for you? First things first, we need your help in promoting the event. If you’ve ever stumbled over trying to explain what it is you do when you come to Talon, this is perfect way to explain it! This will allow anyone interested in CrossFit to find out more without having to commit to trying a workout. So send out an email, make a Facebook post, tweet, and put up a flyer in your office to let everyone you know about the seminar. Here is a link to the flyer that you can print, or you can pick up a few copies already printed for you at Talon.


***Pay attention, this is where it gets good for Talon members: For the Talon member who recruits the most attendees to the seminar they will be rewarded with a CrossFit Talon sweatshirt!! Now, here is where it gets even better. Several of you have asked if we have a membership referral bonus and now we do! Effective Dec 1, 2013 for every person that joins CrossFit Talon because of your referral you will receive $25 in Talon Bucks. The Talon Bucks will not be rewarded until the new member has completed Foundations and paid for their first month of regular membership and will expire 3 months from the date issued. You may use your Talon Bucks as a credit towards your membership fee or Talon product. (They may NOT be used for competitions that we host.) We recognize that people have several choices for fitness and are honored that you would recommend their choice be Talon, so this our way of thanking you for helping to grow our awesome community. Even if your possible future CrossFitter may not be able to attend Talon due to our location, bring them anyway! Other local boxes have been invited to be a part of the seminar. This event is not just for Talon, but for all the middle Tennessee boxes so we may educate the public as to why the CrossFit community is one that can change their life forever, just as it has yours.

Start getting the word out about our “What is CrossFit?” Seminar so that you have a shot at a free Talon sweatshirt and lots of Talon Bucks! Please let us know if you have any questions.


Team Talon