856522_590904210939724_1870509567_oSummer months throw a wrench in our routines. From vacations to camps and everything in between, these engagements can leave us with very little time to get a workout in. You may be tempted to give yourself a “get out of jail free” card when it comes to exercise because you only have 20 or 30 minutes and little equipment. If you find yourself in this situation, here are a few ideas that can take less than 20 minutes and will leave you being thankful it was over quickly.

Max Reps Multiplied
Choose two body weight movements – one upper body focused, one lower body focused. For each movement, perform the maximum effort reps you can do. Multiply that number by four to give you a target amount of total reps. You have ten minutes to reach the target rep count in each exercise using any set and rep scheme you desire. So if you were able to do eight pullups and twenty squats in a row, you need to do 32 more pullups and 80 more squats.

Beach WOD
The beach is amazing place to do bodyweight movements. You can practice handstands, do bear crawls, or challenge yourself with max broad jumps. The sand creates a unique challenge that can’t be replicated in the gym. Use it!
Short and Sweet
If you have a kettle bell, this is a great short workout. If you don’t, and you travel a lot by car, you might want to consider investing in one. You can save yourself in the long run from drop-in fees at other gyms. A jump rope is another example of equipment that is definitely worth the investment and travels well.
For this workout, use your kettle bell or whatever movement you want. Every minute on the minute, do approximately 10 swings/reps with a weight that’s heavy for you and follow it immediately up with a short all-out sprint. If you don’t have a kettle bell grab a rock, do push ups, or maybe even try box jumps on a ledge.
Burpee EMOM
10 minute EMOM of 10 burpees…‘nough said
Keep on Digging
Ten minutes on the clock. Grab a shovel or your hands, find some dirt or sand, and find a large container you can fill. Using the shovel or your hands, fill the can at least a quarter of the way full. Squat down and wrap your arms around the container. Do 3-5 sets of squats, add more sand if more weight is needed. After the last set, spend the rest of the allotted ten minutes filling the can up the rest of the way.
Beach Sprints
Sprints in the sand are harder on your muscles and easier on your joints. Pick a challenging distance and try to get at least 10 in. Make sure you properly warmed up first. You could also sprint in shin to knee deep water. Wade out to where the water is lapping at your thighs and run sprints up and down the beach. Try to do 30 seconds on, one minute off for 10 rounds.
Use Family Members
Try to carry a weight equal to 1/2 your current bodyweight for a full ten minutes. Use a loaded barbell, a random object, or an actual person. Carry it for ten minutes using any method desired; just don’t put the weight down. Walk around your yard. If you’re daring, do some lunges or presses. Goal = don’t drop the weight until the ten minutes are up.
Tabata This
Tabata is a method of high intensity training that is traditionally organized as 8 rounds of 20 seconds of all out effort followed by 10 seconds of rest. You can download apps online for free that will tell you when to rest and when to work just like we have at Talon. Don’t think 20 seconds of pushups sounds bad? Try eight rounds. No matter what exercise you chose, if you are putting forth maximum effort, after 8 rounds you will be exhausted. My favorite workout of this kind is to pick four exercises and do a complete Tabata round of each movement in a row without rest in between. You can pick any movement you want, just make sure you really push yourself for those 4 minutes.