A few weeks ago, CF Talon was approached by a local farmer, Chris, who has been providing other area CF boxes with his fresh, organic, and delicious produce. We are currently in the middle of the winter CSA, which has so far provided us with plenty of kale, collard greens, turnip greens, beets, colored cauliflower, green onions, heirloom carrots, and sweet potatoes. Dennis and I have never participated in a CSA, so we were very interested to see if we could tell the difference in the taste of the produce when compared to the stuff we buy from Publix. The answer is MOST DEFINITELY, YES!!!!

Here our some pics of today’s delivery:

The winter CSA comes in half bushel boxes.

   Here is everything taken out so you can see how much you get:)

csa 1

csa 2









Can you SEE the difference? If not, no biggie…it is an iphone picture;) But please let me tell you our kale story. We have never been a big fan of kale, but the further and further we get into this Paleo lifestyle, we continue to discover just how different, good different, our bodies feel when we provide it with all the right nutrients naturally. When we discovered just how darn good kale was for the body, we decided to give it another try. It was then when long-time Talon member and swim coach, Lezlae Grubb, knowing how we felt about kale, passed along a recipe to me that she was confident would change my taste buds forever. She was right! I made several batches of the kale with the standard kale found at Publix or Whole Foods, and we enjoyed it. So, once when we had Chris’s kale in hand, I was interested to see if there was a difference. Sure enough, the recipe that made “normal” kale pleasant, made the Southland Farm’s kale taste incredible! It was amazing to us just how much more flavor the local kale had when compared to the kale we had been used to eating. We have found the same results with the other veggies as well. All I can say is I can’t wait for the summer CSA, as it includes many of my favorite vegetables, and includes FRUITS as well!

Here is the link to the kale recipe, which is Emeril Lagasse’s, and super easy to make:


If you are interested in joining in on the last few weeks of the winter CSA, Chris can prorate it at $17.50 per week.

If you want to join in on the summer CSA, the information is below. It is a bit more expensive than the winter CSA, and is 22 weeks instead of the 10 weeks for the winter, but includes even more produce from how Chris describes it. They will let you make payments as outlined on the order form. Chris delivers the produce to CrossFit Talon on a weekly basis.

Click the link below for the order form and specifics on the Summer CSA: