During the summer of 2012, we had the privilege of working with 30 young men and women  representing 23 different Colleges and Universities throughout the United States. Some of these students have been working with us for several years in our Youth Performance Training programs designed specifically to get athletes to the next level, while others were new to the fitness arena all together and were looking for a program to keep them fit and healthy. No matter what their goals were upon entering Talon, they fully committed themselves to the program and achieved the results they desired this summer.

For our collegiate athletes, we opened a “College Performance Training” class designed to prepare them for their upcoming sports season at their respective schools. This program was a grueling 90 minute class, 4 days a week, with sports-specific work on their off days from Talon. The class was comprised of soccer players, lacrosse players, swimmers, a wrestler, and even one young man who just wanted a more demanding program. As coaches, we looked forward to working with this group each day, as they always did whatever we asked of them, and did it to the best of their ability. Throughout the blood, sweat, and tears, (and we had plenty of all 3), the class became a family, and would always support one another through the toughest days of training. Their hard work paid off, as every one of them are having much success with their college teams. We are so very proud of our Talon athletes!

Talon was also blessed this summer to have many new faces who were ready to make a positive change in their lives by implementing a rigorous fitness routine. All these young men and women completed our Foundations course, introducing them to all the movements they were to encounter in our CrossFit classes. Upon Foundations graduation, they made the commitment to their health and to themselves to attend classes regular. Many of them even embraced the Paleo lifestyle, which we all know can be even more challenging as a young adult. I am also very impressed with the fact that most of these young men and women have found either a CrossFit gym or a place to do our CrossFit WOD’s at their schools. Keep up the good work!

With the help of many of our Talon family, we were able to let our college kids know that we are thinking about them by sending them each a Talon care package. Each package included grain-free chocolate chip cookies baked by our very own members, a new Talon t-shirt, gift cards to both Starbuck’s for those late night study sessions, as well as Smoothie King for a post-WOD snack, (make good choices when picking your smoothie;), a fun toy to beat your roomate over the head with, as well as a very inspirational CrossFit Prayer card written by one of our own members.