When I first started doing CrossFit I thought, ‘I will work hard and I will be successful at this sport.’  That is and was true, to a small extent.  I very quickly found out that you are only going to go as far as your support system.  One of the things that I love about CrossFit and specifically about Talon is the support from the community. The Talon community is unbelievable. Everyone across the board is so supportive of each other.  We all celebrate one another’s accomplishments, whether it be getting our first ever kipping pull up, hitting a new PR in an Olympic movement, or simply completing our first  workout after foundations, regardless of it being scaled or Rx.  This support is vital to our long term success in CrossFit.  Lets face it, anyone that will offer us encouragement is vital to our sticking with anything.  As humans we need encouragement and thrive on positive reinforcement.

IMG_2207I am more than blessed though.  I am in a great box with a community that consistently supports one another and offers encouragement, but I also have a family that is full of support.  My son is very active himself in CrossFit and competes.  He is always asking me how I did in the WOD and celebrates my PR’s as I do him.  He is a unique 12 year old.  Not many kids his age would like to do full Murph while on a beach vacation.  Not only does he support me in my efforts, he completed the workout himself.  He is a huge part of my support system.  Then I have my 9 year old daughter.  She competes when she can and does all the classes she can (when we have kids classes).  She is also a big cheerleader for me and her brother.

Now I come to the best and arguably most important part of the support wheel.  My wife.  Not only does she encourage me to go to classes and come along with us to competitions, she is offering a huge support with how she feeds our house.  She has adopted the Paleo lifestyle for our family 100% .  Now, don’t misunderstand what I said.  I didn’t say we eat Paleo 100% of the time, but she has adopted the Paleo lifestyle for us.  She researches recipes and makes sure that all the food we eat is made according to the Paleo diet.  We don’t consume dairy in our house, eat wheat or processed sugars and we have all noticed the difference.  I have adhered to the lifestyle more strictly than the rest of my family and that is also where I get support.  They are all almost like my accountability team.  My family knows how hard I am working and what my goals are and they remind me if I ever think about “cheating” with my food intake.  The big thing that I have changed is how I look at food.  I look at it as my fuel to keep me running properly (like the right fuel octane for your car).  If I am consuming the right fuel, I am less prone to sickness and injury and I can maintain a good training regime that ultimately enables me to hit my goals.

The best part is how it has affected our family.  We have changed the way we all think about food and that is something we will take with us the rest of our lives.  All this is  because my wife is the greatest anchor to my success because of her support.