Some days everything hurts and my mind says, “Don’t do anything, one day doesn’t make a difference.”
Those are the days that you surprise yourself, those are the days that make you  better, mentally stronger.

Little voices run rampant in a CrossFitter’s head. Whether these voices are cheerleaders or hateraders is up to us. How many of you have been about to attempt a max clean lets say, and right before you pull out of nowhere a little voice whispers, “That’s really heavy, there’s no way your little @$$ can lift that!!”

At this point I hope none of you have ever experienced this and that you all think I’m crazy, but in the instance that you have, in fact, met the mind monsters that infiltrate the fortress that is a CrossFitter’s head:) this is for you.

For me this has to be the first ingredient I put into everyday’s training recipe. Belief in God, yourself, your preparation, your program, whatever that is for you , make sure it is a consistent ingredient to your life outside of the gym. Make sure it’s some thing that drives you to be better. I’ve found that linking life’s events to training can push you to heights you’ve never reached. Find what fuels your fire.

Understand that you’re not a super hero, and that not everyday can you be WOD BOB or hit a PR. But also understand that everyday is a chance to grow and a chance to live and love the moment.  Personally, understanding brings me peace in my life and allows those mind monster’s voices I mentioned earlier to be drown out into white noise.

I know  you’ve heard it before. But just try it. When you’re in the middle of some horrible WOD Papa D thought up one night in his evil laboratory, smile. Smile because you are healthy and able. Smile because you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals. Smile because you’re in a place filled with love, support, and compassion.  And finally, smile because maybe those last few reps won’t hurt as bad as you think and because the WOD is almost over.

Much Love Friends!