A few weeks ago I noticed that Crossfit SolaFide in Clarksville, TN was having an all women’s competition called Redefine Beautiful. In looking over the five different levels of workouts, I realized that Hey! even I could do this. Since my daughter, Jennifer, was coming in from Knoxville for Talon’s 1st year anniversary party, I asked her if she would do it with me. She did not hesitate and said yes. So, Saturday, January 26th, we left early in the morning for Clarksville.

IMG_9052What an incredible experience! My only regret is that we did not take all the women from Talon with us as we were so moved by what we witnessed. There were 200 women there (no men allowed) and at one point during the opening ceremony there was not a dry eye in the place. Soon after the owner, Nicole Spitzack, welcomed us warmly, a woman stood up and walked to the front of the group. She picked up a small poster that had a few words on it which clearly and heart-wrenchingly expressed what she had experienced in her past. One-by-one about a dozen ladies did the same thing. I don’t think I am breaking any confidence in sharing what these brave women had on their poster, as you only have to look at your own past and/or someone else close to you to understand where they came from; cancer, abuse, abortion, loss of mom, neglect, addiction, abandonment, etc. Each woman who stood up in front of everyone was courageous in sharing what most women want to hide. Then one-by-one they flipped over the poster and on the other side were one or two words that described how they overcame their past; Healing, Cancer-free, Redeemed, Forgiven, Born Again and well you get the idea. If you weren’t crying by now, then to see how these ladies took hold of their life and made peace with their past was very emotional. After all, isn’t that what we ourselves would like to do?

IMG_0329?From here I could tell you how Jennifer and I fared in our Level 3 heats, but that is really not what this competition was about. Crossfit SolaFide described the competition on their web site better than I could:
“Let us not forget what we have seen and heard. I pray that each you will have somehow been impacted by what you experienced yesterday. I pray that you will go boldly forward…unafraid and unashamed of who we used to be …and live without fear of what tomorrow may bring. I know that this day will not soon be forgotten. And I hope that as we ride this roller coaster called life that we ride it with our sisters. Hand in hand trusting and knowing that we are never alone. Go out, share the good news, and encourage a “stranger” today. Share your testimony with someone…anyone…there is power and healing in just saying those words out loud. This week make peace with your past. Accept the things that have come and gone for what they are. Acknowledge that you are beautiful no matter what lies hidden beneath the surface. Remind yourself daily that you are more than your outward appearance. Forgive yourself and others. Share your testimony with at least one other person.”