So, you have experienced the benefits of the Paleo lifestyle and are feeling better than you have ever felt before…you’ve lost some body fat, you have more energy, your skin has a healthy glow, and you are sleeping better. However, you realize that this new lifestyle means having to actually prepare and cook your food. This isn’t a problem, if you were already used to doing your own cooking. However, if your busy life often leads you to eating out, then you are really struggling because you have realized that the food they serve you in restaurants is not what your body needs to function optimally. (Nor does it taste as good as what you can make at home, for less money!:)

NO WORRIES! Lisa Perry, fellow CrossFitter and owner/operator of Paleo Works is here to make your life easier, without breaking the bank! Lisa has been in the catering business for 15 years, and embraced the Paleo lifestyle about 10 months ago. Just as many of you have discovered, Paleo and CrossFit has changed her life! She wants others to be able to do the same, especially those who are just too busy to cook for themselves. She delivers individually packaged breakfasts, lunches and dinners to CrossFit Talon every Monday for those who have ordered for the week. Her menu is varying and delicious, and is all PALEO! Her prices…very reasonable, especially once you read below about the quality of the meats she uses in the dishes.


You can see the menu’s from this week and for the upcoming week on her website, as well as her contact information. If interested, place your order by Wednesday for the following week, and Lisa will deliver to CF Talon for you pickup convenience. All food will be stored in the refrigerator by the back door of the gym until you pick it up. Lisa usually delivers all orders by 7am each Monday morning.


Follow the link below to see the menus.