“(Fill in your class time here), 400m RUN!”

Words you LOVE to hear, right? The words that mean the hour that you took out of your day to focus on YOU has officially began. You are surrounded by people that encourage you, heckle you, ask how your day is going, and drive you nuts all at the same time, but you keep coming back day after day, because you love the way you feel when “TIME” is called. However, before you get to the “TIME” and the release of all those happy brain hormones, there is that dreaded first run. Some of those days, it is just downright cold, and those mean Talon coaches just don’t seem to notice;) No worries, we have the perfect solution for you…a nice warm, TALON ZIPPER SWEATSHIRT HOODY! (The hood is for those days that it is sprinkling…yet once again, those mean coaches don’t seem to notice…OR SO YOU THINK;)

We are offering this newest Talon swag in both a Men’s and a Women’s cut in 8 great colors! We have samples of both cuts for you to try on to be sure you get the right fit. These are special order only, which you can place by following the link below. We will need all orders by Wednesday, January 29th. We will not need payment until your sweatshirt arrives. All sweatshirts are $45 plus tax. Your color choices are shown below.

Zipper hoody colors



Front left chest artwork


Full Back artwork