The Nashville Weightlifting Open last weekend was my third Olympic Weightlifting competition, and turned out to be a great day for the  Talon Weightlifting Club.  Osman Manzanares is an experienced weightlifter and coach, and ran a very organized meet, and was very generous to include Masters awards!  The community of Masters weightlifters is awe inspiring in our area, and I am so glad there is a place for me in my new-found favorite sport.  For me, the experience of helping Ann White, Coach Lisa, and Emily Farnhill plan their and my own attempts was exciting and challenging.  I am proud beyond words at how each of these ladies put themselves out there on the platform and did their best to lift near their maximum effort.  I cannot wait for the next meet, and for our club to grow!  Remember that the Olympic Lifting specialty class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm, and Saturdays at 10:15am.  You do not have to come to every class to benefit from this extra instruction, and many will tell you that this class helps with the lifts during CrossFit.  Come visit and maybe we’ll see you out on the platform next time!

Dear Talon friends,

Oh my gosh!  The second O-lift competition was another great experience and I continue to learn new things about myself with each experience.  It was so fun hanging and competing with the coolest chicks (Tara, Jenny, Lisa & Emily) and Dennis (haha).  All four of us that competed won medals and we all had the cool experience standing on the awards pedestal in front of everyone.  I want to let Tara know that the calming oil was totally awesome and I totally needed it (note to self get some of that).  Jenny, you are an awesome coach and really helped seeing you after each lift with tweaks and pointing out areas to focus on my lifts.  Even though this competition was successful, it pointed out areas I can get better and motivates me to work even harder so one day I can nail those lifts perfectly.

I also had an experience that few at Talon have had the pleasure to experience.  As I was admiring my medal someone gave me a pat on the back and when I turned around it was Dennis smiling.  I was shocked because I haven’t had the experience of seeing Dennis with a big smile on his face(haha).  Even though the smile didn’t last long and the stone cold scary look was back as he exited the event, it’s ok, because the pat on the back and smile was even a better award then the medal. Thank you Dennis.  He and Tara were definitely proud of all the girls and we all kicked butt.  It was a great day for the Talon Weightlifting Club!

-Ann White


While I have done several CrossFit competitions, and despite Coach Jenny’s best efforts, I had yet to give competitive Olympic Lifting a try. When another local competition popped up just a few weeks after the Open it made sense to give it a shot.

The competitive atmosphere was far different than what I am used to in CrossFit. There was way more to time to allow the mental aspect of the sport play a role in my performance. Lots of nervous down time while waiting for my turn on the platform. While I was pleased with a podium finish for my first meet, I know I have a very long way to go if I want to pursue more Olympic Lifting competitions. My biggest hurdle, I believe, will be staying calm and focused on the technique I know I am capable of.

The Nashville Weightlifting Open was an incredible learning experience for me. Not just the day of, but in the training weeks leading up to it and even the training days that resumed after it was all over. I learned so much about my ability to see my own mistakes when reviewing video, not allowing stress and doubt to creep in, and just how fun it is to be surrounded by so many strong women who share a love for lifting.

-Coach Lisa Myers


Ann White – 1st Place, Masters 53kg Weight Class, 72kg Total

Emily Farnhill – 1st Place, 58kg Weight Class, 114kg Total

Lisa Myers – 2nd Place, 69kg Weight Class, 137kg Total

Jenny Lutkins – 1st Place, Masters 75+kg Weight Class, 115kg Total