For those of you who read my email last week on the “Beaty County Products” and did search after search on what the heck THAT is…I am very sorry I can’t type;) I would blame it on autocorrect, but Volo doesn’t even have autocorrect, so that one was ALL ME! So…here is the deal with Tara’s ladies’ get together on Tuesday, December 3rd at 7pm:

To start, it is “Beautycounter Products.” For those of you that know us well, you know how “clean” we eat. I often have newbies ask me if we are 100% Paleo, and even though I never thought I’d say this, the answer is getting closer and closer to yes. Except for the occasional adult beverage, I no longer crave the foods I once though I would never give up. I just feel better eating this way, and have no desire to go back to the way I used to feel. Thank goodness I have a husband that feels the same.

What does this have to do with a ladies’ night at my house?!?! Well, I have recently started the next part of my journey for my family to live an even “cleaner”, more natural lifestyle. For us, this meant making a change in our beauty products as well as our household cleaning products.  So, like I always do once I decide to do something, I researched, and researched, and researched. (Yes…I am a true nerd when it comes to learning new things…I want to know EVERYTHING about my new topic.) Since I used to have a crafty/artsy side, before Talon and baby;), I decided I would look into the route that allowed me to make my own products…because I am an artsy, crafty nerd like that;) All the information I learned was both disturbing and exciting. Disturbing because I learned that I spend so much time making sure what I put IN my body is good for it, but wasn’t paying any attention to what I was putting ON my body. ( I am talking about shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, etc.) There is a whole other discussion on make-up…but if you know me, then you know that I decided to skim over those parts;) It was also disturbing for me to read about the cleaners that we use in our homes, and how horrible they are on our environment. I will spare you the details…for now, but will definitely pass along some good resources I came across during my research.

The exciting part? Well, for one, I am a mother and with that comes a certain degree of excessive worrying about horrible ways your child may get hurt, sick, or die. (If this is not normal, please fellow mom’s, let me know so I can seek some professional help.) I have often worried about Josie sitting down to drink a nice bottle of whatever cleaner we had thought we stored out of her reach. Still waiting for the exciting part? Here goes! If I were to change my entire household cleaning products over to all natural, homemade products, that is one less horrible way to die that I have to worry about for Josie. YAY!!!! In fact, for most of the recipes, I could just hand her a nice glass of water for her to wash it down.  The same goes for the beauty products, but the even more exciting news on those are…THINK OF ALL THE CUSTOM GIFTS I COULD MAKE! With so many delicious smells, the possibilities are endless! Yep, homemade, all natural soap for everyone! All you have to do is wait 6 weeks for the soap to cure…

What?!?! 6 weeks?!?!? Yep…6 weeks, but luckily, that doesn’t scare me. I am actually excited that I get to go back to my Biology degree and mix caustic lye with water and oil to make soap through saponification. However, the 6 week time frame did make me investigate how to make many of the products (I needed to know the time commitment I was getting myself into here), which is when I learned quite a bit about essential oils. I learned that each oil has very unique properties, from antibacterial to aphrodisiac (crazy, right?), essential oils can be a very natural solution to many of our problems. I also learned that some are VERY PRICY. This was also about the time that THE Jason Dial introduced me to his better half, Kerry, who had recently found a company that agrees with their lifestyle. (They are vegan…which us Paleo people love because they make us look not-so-crazy;)

I asked Kerry to come in and tell me all about her products. She also was willing to try a CrossFit workout the day she was there, so I figured if she could endure an hour of suffering, my skeptical self could keep an open mind about a product with a name like “Beautycounter”. (The jock in me just imagines a department store beauty counter with a very nicely dressed woman in heels, face made up, hair plastered in place, suffocating me with her perfume, chasing me down with mascara in one hand and too bright of lipstick in the other.) Luckily, Kerry arrived in workout clothes and gym shoes. She also brought me her basket of Beautycounter products and educated me on the company. She didn’t push anything on me, rather just let me take the products home and try them out over the next couple of days. She let the product speak for itself. Not only did I try them out, but I used them to research just how “clean” they really were. I went to my most trusted online resource, the Environmental Working Group at Their mission is as follows:

The Environmental Working Group is the nation’s most effective environmental health research and advocacy organization.  Our mission is to conduct original, game-changing research that inspires people, businesses and governments to take action to protect human health and the environment. With your help — and with the help of hundreds of organizations with whom we partner — we are creating a healthier and cleaner environment for the next generation and beyond.

Pretty inspirational, right? Well, another reason I am a fan has to  do with their online consumer guides. You can do a search for a product, and if they have tested it, (and chances are they have), it will be in their database. Each product is assigned a number 0-9, zero being great, 9 being it may make you grow a third eye. (That is me talking…they don’t actually predict 3rd eyes;) But, then they go one step further and list  each product’s individual ingredients, and assign each ingredient a number! With each number, it goes into further detail and tells information on how it may affect allergies, developmental health, or the effects on the environment when you wash it down the drain. It is an incredible resource at your fingertips! Use with caution though, I wouldn’t start looking up the items in your bathroom until you are ready to start replacing them.

My conclusion? Beautycounter products are acceptable in my book. In fact, when telling Kerry my input on each product, I let her know that I used EWG as a resource. It was then that she informed me that EWG is actually one of the non-profits their company supports, as they too support their mission to make companies take action to protect human health and the environment. HA! Funny how everything came back full circle. It was then that I decided that this would be a good thing to offer to my friends at Talon who are each on their own journey to live a healthier, cleaner life. While I think it would be amazing if we could all make our own soaps, shampoos, and lotions, I know that not everyone has the same crafty desire I do . For those of you that do, here is a website that I purchased a few e-books from on how to make your own products. If that just isn’t your cup of tea, but you want to make a switch to more natural beauty products, then you should come hang out with us on Tuesday night and test them out for yourself:)

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