Layla Ghazvini helping Terri Fobare with her goal setting.

On Saturday, our new Talon Team Member, Layla Ghazvini, gave a seminar on goal setting. We were put to the task of coming up with two goals, one in the physical area of our lives and one in another area of the Dave Ramsey Goal Wheel.

Team Talon learns about Dave Ramsey's Goal Wheel

Team Talon learns about Dave Ramsey’s Goal Wheel

The goal wheel consists of seven areas of life; career, financial, spiritual, physical, intellectual, family, and social.

Layla taught us that if one aspect of the wheel gets too inflated, the wheel would spin out of balance. We also learned how to effectively plan for and be accountable to our goals. This plan includes writing goals down and finding accountability partners. Our community at CrossFit Talon is the perfect place to find accountability partners, so Tara set up a new section of our white boards to write your physical goals. Be sure to write your goal down this week, so that we can help you achieve it!

Goal Setting Seminar Attendees

Goal Setting Seminar Attendees

We also reset our PR board so that we can keep track of our successes for this year.

Thank you to Jeremy Smith of Shoemaker Financial and Lisa Perry of Paleo Works for sponsoring this informative seminar.