Saturday, June 28th @ 9am. (We are thinking we should be done early afternoon…I will be able to send out a more detailed schedule once I know how many teams we have registered.)

THIS COMPETITION IS FOR EVERYONE!!!! KIDS INCLUDED! If you are one that thinks you could never compete, well then this is the one for you! Think of it as an extended Saturday, with 3 WOD’s, all around 10 minutes in length, but you get a break in between each one. (A REAL break…not the 2 minute rest we give you on Saturdays which really is just so we can collect your scores;) If you can handle a Saturday, then this competition will be no problem for you. Plus…we will have a live raffle with all sorts of prizes that have been donated by the community. Some prizes we already have are:

Bottles of wine from Arrington Vineyards
Jack Daniels Single Barrel Whiskey
Warrior Massage Gift Cards
Private Training sessions from some of your favorite coaches:)
Tin Roof Gift Cards
Both of  Talon’s dentists, Dr. Matt Avrit and Dr. Grant Hensley, have donated some dental services that include whitening treatments:)
PartyLite prize package
A delicious Paleo cake from the Daniel family (this cake is LEGENDARY!!!!)

And there are still more coming in….(email Tara if you want to donate!)

The teams will be made up of 2 people…any age, any gender. The cost is $50 per team.

We will have a “Dog Eat Dog” division, which will consist of the guys and gals at the box that are competitive WITHIN OUR BOX. (So if you didn’t make it to Regionals, don’t worry…you can still kill this competition;) You will see once you read the WODs, this is not at all like our typical events that we host. We will also have a “Horseplay” division, which does not mean these people don’t want to win…it just means the movements are something that everyone can do.

Here are what we are thinking for the WODs….these may change slightly based on numbers, but this should give you a good idea of what to expect:

WOD 1: 12 min AMRAP

Partner A- 200 m run

Partner B- Max effort Double unders while Partner A runs (scaled: singles)

*switch and then repeat, once each partner has completed each exercise, move to the next.

Partner A- 200 m run

Partner B- Max effort Handstand Pushups while Partner A runs (scaled: hand release push ups)

*switch and then repeat

Partner A- 200 m run

Partner B- Max effort Toes to Bar while Partner A runs (scaled: sit ups)

*switch and then repeat

Partner A- 200 m run

Partner B- Max effort Goblet Squat (53/35) while Partner A runs (scaled: air squats)

*switch and then repeat

***If athletes make it through all 4 movements they start back over at the top


WOD2: For time:

400m 3-legged run (you will be tied to your partner)

60 Atomic Wall Balls (20/14/10)

40 burpee over partner

20 partner pistols (Scaled: partner-assisted pistols)

WOD3: 10 minute AMRAP:

20 pullups (scaled: jumping pullups)

30 partner plank jump over/crawl unders (scaled: can step over partner)

40 yd dummy (partner) drag


Ready to sign up? Follow the link below to register your team (only one person needs to register.) Be sure to follow the link once you submit your information to donate the registration fee.

Register Team Here

Still not convinced you want to compete, but want to donate anyway? We have a link for that too;) Please click below:

No thanks to competing, but I still want to DONATE….click here


Please contact Tara with any questions, suggestions, or whatever else you have for us!

Thanks for being a part of our Talon community!