When you decide to come to the box for your daily WOD, what is the driving factor?  Are you maintaining or increasing fitness? Are you on a quest to acquire it? Do you come because a friend talked you into it?  Do you come simply because you want to be able to tell people that you do Crossfit?

Whatever it is that brings you into the box each day, the question I want to ask is…

What is it that is keeping you from coming?

Aside from the occasional soccer practice or dance recital or date night or whatever, I personally have days that I struggle with this and whatever excuse you have not to come…I’ve probably already come up with it.  There are those nights where sleep just doesn’t seem to happen as well as it should and 6 am can come awfully early.  There are days when work seemed just a bit too overwhelming and just going home to crash on the couch seems like the only viable option.  Heck, sometimes it’s as simple as saying that the WOD is too hard or too painful. (Karen, anyone?)

In my experience, the decision to go or not to go leads to two outcomes…you either come and complete the WOD and the rest of the day or night you feel fantastic about what you accomplished OR you skip the day and the only thing you have left is a bunch of excuses.

So the problem with excuses is that everyone has one and no one wants to hear it.  We get enough of them in our daily lives from our family, our friends, our coworkers, our employees, and our bosses. Eliminate at least one excuse from your life by making sure you make it to the box each day you plan to go. Doing so is probably much easier than you think.  Here are three ways:

  • Take a couple of minutes on Saturday or Sunday and put the days you are going to workout in your calendar.  The simple act of writing it down can do wonders for personal accountability.
  • Find an accountability partner.  We are all like-minded individuals so it shouldn’t be the least bit difficult to find someone who is more than willing to give you a hard time if you miss a day that you said you would be there.
  • For maximum accountability, sign in to all of your classes at the beginning of the week.  The tech savvy folks will get an email for each session signed up for and you then have the option to import the class into your calendar right on your phone.  Why does this method have the potential for maximum accountability? Well, keep in mind that when you sign in you are filling a spot in our classes that are becoming more full on a regular basis.  When you don’t show up for a spot you’ve signed up for, chances are someone else wasn’t able to come.  Personally, I wouldn’t want to be the one that kept  someone else from being able to come if I decided to skip out.

Here at Talon, I firmly believe that we all come to make ourselves better in some way or another. Motivations between individuals may be different but there is no denying the fact that consistently coming to suffer through a WOD day in and day out will make you a better person.  Make it easier on yourself to show up each day and determine your accountability.

P.S. I’m more than happy to be an accountability partner to anyone that asks as would any of our awesome coaches! All you have to do is ask.