“Without challenge, there is no change.”

Back in September, twenty eight of us signed up for nine weeks of the true definition of “challenge.” The LuRong Living Paleo Challenge is the first of it’s kind at a national level in the CrossFit community, and CrossFit Talon truly represented Tennessee and what Dennis and Tara have built at our box.

The big difference between this challenge and other CrossFit competitions was the diet component. We were all expected to log our food daily (which proved a challenge all in itself, no thanks to LuRong’s computer glitches) and points were deducted for any “cheat” throughout the day. A cheat, of course, was anything delicious…eh um, I mean non-Paleo. While detoxing from the Standard American Diet, we were all graded on our performance in three Benchmark WODs, which were repeated at the end of the challenge, and a Performance WOD each week.

Jenny Lutkins Before and After

For me, personally, this challenge turned out to be one of the easiest I’ve ever participated in, simply because I knew I had twenty seven other members of the Talon family counting on me. (There were big prizes for both individuals and the box as a whole at stake). After just two weeks, I shed EIGHT pounds of inflammation and water weight. I ended up losing a total of 20.3 pounds and 11 inches. To say I’m amazed is an understatement. Some of our more fit members, Coaches Dennis and Tara, for example, look like they were chiseled out of stone after nine weeks of no cheating. Looks aren’t everything though – right? Our performance in the benchmark WODs was amazing as well.

Here are some highlights of our final results:
Coach Chasity lost seven inches total, and placed 126 out of 7183 competitors.

Marsha Brand lost 10.3 pounds, 7.25 inches, and improved her benchmark rank from 5736 to 3669. She also ended up 261st in the Master’s division nationwide.

Amy Sullivan lost ten pounds, 5 1/4 inches and moved up 899 places in her Benchmark WODs.

Kenneth Sullivan lost ten total inches and he shaved almost two minutes off of his Benchmark WODs time.

Coach Dennis and I managed to avoid computer bugs and logged zero cheats the entire challenge. Coach Dennis ended up placing 4th overall in the Master’s division.

Kristine Neeley Before and After

Out of 172 boxes competing in the competition, our community placed 32nd. After nine weeks, CrossFit Talon lost 183.3 pounds – we lost an entire person worth of fat!

I am truly stunned at how much better athletic performance can be if your body is given the right fuel. Everyone culled several minutes off of their Benchmark WODs and there were many PRs set as well. Stay tuned for another opportunity to see these kind of great results while being supported by the CrossFit Talon community. I can personally promise you will not regret the experience.