Just over a week has passed since the CrossFit Central East Regional Competition and yes I’m still sore :).  The weekend started off great with a P.R. on “Jackie” in Event 1, but I’m not gonna lie, I was slightly nervous before this one… I think I peed like 5 times in the hour before my heat.  Event 2/3, Overhead squat and Burpee Muscle up,  didn’t go as we had planned but I managed to hold 9th after Day 1.  Day 2 was gut check time. The 100’s and a deadlift box jump wod were the activities for the day.  After P.R.ing the 100’s wod I think someone turned the gravity up in Columbus. The deadlift wod dropped me down to 10th going into to the final day of competition. Day 3 was probably the most memorable for me. During the lunge portion of Event 6 the crowd was so loud my ears were hurting, probably because Rich crushed another world record, but still that was pretty cool and certainly enough to keep anyone moving.   Event 7 ended with Rich coaching me on my cleans and the entire Expo center cheering me to the finish.  That was unbelievable and I am truly blessed to have had this opportunity. I want to thank everyone at CrossFit Talon for all of the support over the past six months. Special thanks to Dennis and Tara for welcoming me to this community and allowing me to become a part of this family.  I feel so blessed to have Talon in my life and I can’t wait to see what God has planned for this community in the future. God Bless and see you in the gym!!