Community– a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

Life is hard, jobs are demanding, and there are days you just want to quit. On those days it is such a blessing to get the privilege to step into the gym and forget about everything pulling at you. But the biggest part of any CrossFit gym is the community, no matter what, everyone is welcome and often times, some of the best friendships are formed there. Over the years, I have been to and trained at many gyms, each one’s community was a little different and I’ve formed many friendships that are still a part of my life today.
The community that Tara and Dennis have founded is impressive.
I personally have not had a strong community around me in many years and the support ya’ll showed before, during, and after Regionals is almost overwhelming.
I struggled after Regionals with how poorly I did, many of you have been so encouraging with your kind words and suggestions.
I only hope I can be as much of a blessing to y’all as you have been to me!
Y’all are awesome, keep up the good work!!!

*If you haven’t taken a minute to read the card in the green envelope sitting up front at Talon “To the Talon Community” on it, please do so.