Ten minutes of double unders and snatches wasn’t enough to scare anybody at CrossFit Talon!  In fact, we’ve never had so many members sign up for the Open.  Friday began with couple, Jesse H. and Nicole S. testing their relationship by judging each other, and Emily C. and Jeff D. both breaking 200 reps.  Janet C. and Marsha R.  both got their first double unders in a WOD during the 6am class.  Not to be outdone, the 7am class recruited Ann M. and everyone in the class got on the leader board.  Marésa H., after a little (okay, a lot) of encouragement, also got her first double unders in a WOD during the 9am class.

Some of the Firebreathers took their first crack at 14.1 on Friday, with Hannah D. smoking it with 300 reps.  Coach Lisa strung together several unbroken sets of 30 double unders, a first for her.  The noon class did some great work before heading to their Friday (liquid) lunch, with Robin R. setting a snatch PR and Dan S. breaking 300 reps with a score of 307.    Coach Dennis also made a decent showing with his first attempt, getting 322 reps.  6pm was the grand finale to Friday, as the class got to see Will M. and Blake R. duel it out in an electrifying performance.  Howard G. discovered he liked double unders, and posted a great score of 200 reps.

The “make up” day on Sunday saw some smashed records, as Ronnie H. placed himself in the top 90 in the world in his division.  Sete Z. also decided she’d better get in on The Open while the getting is good, and also got her first double unders in a WOD.

There is no better example of the spirit of the CrossFit Games Open than Team Talon taking on 14.1.  Way to rise to the challenge, and lets keep it rolling for 14.2!