We are taking Olympic Lifting class on a field trip to Hendersonville this weekend, to Shackle Island CrossFit’s USAW sanctioned meet!  For the past eight weeks, Coach Tara, Talon member Ann White, and I have been participating in a weightlifting challenge out of Columbus Weightlifting.  The three of us have been training weightlifting dominant programming, in hopes of dramatically increasing our totals.

Ann started coming to Talon’s Olympic Weightlifting Specialty Class this fall, and fell in love with it.  When the challenge came up, she was eager to switch her focus from CrossFit to weightlifting, and has been extremely dedicated to her training.  When we tested our max lifts midway through the challenge, Ann added eight pounds to the snatch and ten to her clean and jerk.  It is serendipity that Shackle Island CrossFit is holding it’s first USAW sanctioned meet this Saturday, exactly when the Columbus Weightlifting challenge is ending.  Ann hopes to not only PR at the meet, but win the challenge by adding the biggest percentage to her lift totals.  “My goal is to get to 75lbs on my snatch, and to 100 on my clean and jerk,” Ann says of what would be an increase of 33lbs to her total, “I am really excited, and love how supportive everyone at Talon has been!”  Ann hopes to qualify for the National Masters Weightlifting Championship in April.


The competition on Saturday starts at 10am, at 90 Volunteer Drive #280, Hendersonville, TN.  We hope lots of you can come and cheer on Ann, as well as Coach Jeremy, his son Harris, me, and Coach Dennis.  I might add that in order to qualify for Masters, competitors must compete under USAW regulations – which means DENNIS WILL BE IN A SINGLET!