17.1 is in the books. 17.2 is looming around the corner. Are you competing for the sake of making it to the next level, aka Regionals. Are you competing with your community members? You could be competing with an old CrossFit buddy whose box you moved away from years ago? You could even be competing against yourself.

No matter what your reason is for signing up for the Open, I think the important takeaway from doing the workout is to pay attention to what you learned. Post workout, you will always hear talk from those that suffered along side you. “I went too fast on that first round of burpees” or “I could have shaved off a couple of minutes by doing such and such”.

It can be very easy to break down the technical aspect of each of these workouts. (These burpees should take x seconds each. I need to be in round three by x minute. Make sure I keep my back flat on those snatches.) Are you then also taking the time to bring your focus more inward. Why or why not were you happy with your performance? Are you proud of yourself for the hard work you put in leading up to this one? Glass of wine the night before? How was your sleep? Perhaps your company is about to downsize. The mother-in-law is sick in the hospital. You can see where I’m going with this.

If there was anything you think you could have improved on, don’t hesitate to talk to your coach. Each of the Talon Coaches for Life puts in a great deal of effort and training in order to bring you the most up to date advice on how we can improve your life. We love coaching you in the gym, though we also love coaching you outside of the gym. If you had questions or doubts regarding your performance on 17.1 or any other workout for that matter, it is our job to help you vet out anything you might want to change.

Most of you know me as someone who juggles a hectic schedule in order to be your coach. For me, I have quite a bit of struggle with making sure I get enough sleep. Often, I will look to the other coaches for ideas on how to combat this performance-decreasing condition. (On top of all the other factors that go with lack of sleep.) We are very fortunate at Talon to have a diverse body of knowledge that teams up on a regular basis to provide you with the best sage advice you can get when it comes to optimizing your lifestyle. Don’t ever be afraid to ask any of the coaches if you have a question that doesn’t relate to the gym. The only times we will judge you is while you’re trying to move through an Open workout.