This month we are highlighting Kristine Neely. Kristine’s CrossFit journey is an incredible one, a wife and mother, she is able to balance a family, career (Kristine’s Website) and CrossFit especially with the help from her husband whom watches their daughter, Virginia, while Kristine WOD’s. As we have told many, success in health and fitness requires support from family and friends! Since Kristine also writes her own blog, I have asked her to tell her story for you all to enjoy!

“I’m a twenty-eight year-old from the Mid-Atlantic region, who moved to Nashville for college and just never got around to leaving. Since moving here ten years ago, I’ve been a college student (Belmont University), grad student (Vanderbilt University), higher ed administrator (back at Belmont) and now I’m a self-employed wedding and portrait photographer. I have been married for five years to my college sweetheart, the man responsible for bringing me through the doors of CrossFit Talon. Almost a year ago, we welcomed a beautiful and spirited baby girl into the world and I’m fortunate enough to spend my days with her at home. Cliff began his CrossFit journey just a few months before we found out we were pregnant, in early 2011. While I was thrilled for him to have found a workout he loved and that he thought I might love one day, too – I was skeptical. He would talk about how one day, after having the baby, I should try it. I’d smile and nod and think to myself “Yeah, that’s not really my thing.” I just really didn’t see myself lifting barbells and swinging kettle bells or doing “extreme” things like I had come to believe CrossFit was.”

“Boy, was I wrong.”

“Almost six months after delivering our daughter, I was bored with everything else I was doing workout-wise, tired of starting to worry about my weight again, and figured I had nothing to lose by finally trying CrossFit for myself.Since that day, nearly five months ago, I’ve been training three days a week and watching my life, my body, and my heart change every single day. More than anything, CrossFit has completely changed my mentality of fitness and “working out” – seeing it not as a means to an end of some ideal weight or size or image of ourselves – but as a means to live. Instead of obsessing over the scale or my pants size, I’ve been logging WOD times and max weights and growing stronger every day. And not just stronger in body, but in heart and mind, too. As a result, my body has changed. Just recently, I discovered that I can now fit a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in six years. Not only that, but that in their twelve years of life (yes, I wore these in high school!!!), this is my first time wearing them as a woman free from bondage – to the scale, to binging and purging, to meal replacement drinks, to diet pills and teas, and to obsessive calorie counting and tracking. CrossFit has been a huge part of coming into and experiencing that freedom, reinforcing for me the simple truths that 1) our bodies are capable of amazing things and 2) that as long as we can, we should love it, push it, and fuel it well.”