If you haven’t met Emily Farnhill yet, you are sure to have seen her name on the whiteboard.  Frequently WOD BOB, Emily is definitely one to watch at CrossFit Talon.  She has only been CrossFitting for nine months, and joined Talon in November.  “I chose Talon after visiting numerous boxes for many reasons, but my biggest and most important reason was the coaching staff. Other than being intimidated by Dennis’ stone stare, I felt that they truly wanted wanted to help everyone and were completely invested in each person. I knew if I chose Talon I could reach limits I never thought imaginable… and of course, I saw Coach Lisa lifting and thought, ‘that could be me one day,'” Emily recalls.

EmilyEasterThrowdownSince joining our community, Emily says, “I feel my tolerance for ‘short’ people jokes has increased along with my technique work. I never realized the great detail that goes into every lift and movement until Talon.”

Emily jumped right into competitive CrossFit, taking part in the Music City Box League this winter.  It didn’t take long for her to rise to the top, as she captured First Place in the scaled division of the Easter Throwdown two weeks ago.  During that competition, she hit a fifteen pound PR on her clean, the only scaled female to hit 160lbs.  Emily is set to further test her Olympic Weightlifting skills on Saturday, at the Nashville Weightlifting Open.

When asked what her goals are for the future, Emily replies, “Make it to Regionals (and meet Rich Froning).”  There is a great chance that she can make both happen very soon!