Greg Brown has been at CrossFit Talon for a little over a year.  He says that before starting CrossFit, he was a “Globo Gym” goer, with a typical workout routine.  “Tuesdays were leg days, Wednesday was chest and tris” he jokes.  Greg loves the results he has seen from CrossFit, “My body composition has improved, I’ve gotten stronger, I have more endurance, I eat cleaner, sleep better, it has been a complete lifestyle change.

IMG_0858Greg competed in his first CrossFit competition in November, at the Season’s Beatings for Thirst Defeating team competition.  “I loved it, and can’t wait to do more,” he says.  He has also just joined our Firebreathers class, which is the next level of training for CrossFitters who would like to compete and get more serious about their fitness.

As a girls softball coach for the past five years, Greg is no stranger to athletics, and he is working towards his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification in order to increase his knowledge of the sport of fitness.  “If it isn’t cost prohibitive, I recommend that everyone go for their CrossFit Level One Certification.  I learned things that I thought I knew already, but had no idea how much more in depth and beneficial it could be.”