Ryan Russell found joined us for the March 1st round of Foundations, after members AC and Derek C. encouraged him to try CrossFit.  Since then, (just three months!) Ryan has lost 35lbs and is making great progress with his fitness.  When asked how he felt after his first week of CrossFit, Ryan said, “I was looking forward to coming back.  I always look forward to coming to Talon.”  Ryan had never really exercised before jumping head first into CrossFit.  The last time he had run a mile was over eight years ago, and just this past Memorial Day, Ryan ran 2 miles during “Murph.”

Ryan2Ryan says of his new fitness home, “I love the coaches, they are all so supportive and really know what they’re doing.  They laugh and joke around, that doesn’t happen at regular gyms.”  His goals are to get better at pull-ups, and he might consider competing down the road.  Right now, his main motivation is continuing to get healthy.  Another key component to his success has been giving up sugary drinks and soda, “I quit cold turkey,” he explains, “I try to lay off of bread when I can, and focus on getting more protein in my diet.”

We look forward to seeing more great things from Ryan Russell in the near future!