g games 025aHopefully you have had the pleasure of meeting Talon’s own Burpee Queen, Hannah DeWalt.  (I think she can rep out 100 of those things in about two minutes).  Hannah came to Talon in August from CrossFit Malibu where she helped coach adults and kids classes.  She is a CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer, and also holds an undergrad degree in Sports Medicine and Coaching.  Currently, Hannah is working on a Masters degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science and says, “I’m not sure what I would like to do with it yet. I could see myself teaching and coaching, being a strength training coach, or working in perinatal fitness. I will probably get a Perinatal training certification in the next year. Exercise during pregnancy and motherhood is my favorite topic to research. My number one career goal is to be a mom!”

IMG_6991Besides knocking out burpees, Hannah is also a great distance runner.  She ran cross-country and track for Pepperdine University from 2008-2012.  She participated in the Season’s Beatings for Thirst Defeating with Team Talon in November.  A few months later, Hannah won the Women’s Scaled Division of our own Spring Fling Throwdown, which was her first individual competition.  She says it was Coach Lisa’s and Coach Tara’s encouragement that got her into the Throwdown.  “I didn’t think I was well-rounded enough as an athlete to handle all of the WODs – we all know my wheelhouse is running, burpees, and more running. But after talking through the workouts with Lisa and Tara, I thought it would be a great opportunity to see where I’m at in my training and how I can improve” Hannah explains.

g games 027bWhen asked to summarize her competition experience, Hannah had this to say, “I am so glad I competed! I definitely felt home box advantage, as I had some great judges and LOTS of cheerleaders. As much as it was a ‘competition,’ I loved getting to mingle with the other women in the scaled division. For me, the competition was less about beating other women and more about celebrating our strength and health together. Don’t get me wrong, I play to win, and winning was fun. But the real joy from the competition was the community support, making new friends, and participating in a sport that I love. If someone is thinking about competing for Team Talon I’d say GO FOR IT! It’s not about being the fastest or strongest out there. Do it to celebrate how far you’ve come and to motivate yourself to keep on working and improving. And do it to be a part of the incredible community.”