Composite_edited-1We have two athletes featured this month because both of these men joined CrossFit Talon around the same time, and achieved their first muscle up last month.  Both Kyle Luttrell and Tony Urbanek have shown that dedication, consistency, and downright hard work will guarantee success.

IMG_4689Kyle Luttrell was a long distance runner prior to joining us at Talon.  He ran a half marathon and his workouts were “regular gym stuff” that left him wanting a little more of a challenge.  He learned about CrossFit from watching the CrossFit Games, and when his friend Justin Harding told him about CrossFit Talon, he decided to give it a try.  “When I first started, I almost threw up four times, that’s when I knew I needed to work on my fitness!”  His goals in the beginning were to get leaner and make gains on his weight lifting.  About four months ago, he began to work on getting a bar muscle up.  One day, while “fooling around before the WOD,” Kyle achieved what most CrossFitters only dream of getting – his first muscle up.  “It was awesome” Kyle said, beaming with pride as he talked about his achievement, “If you want to challenge yourself, this is the place to be!”  His goal now is to get a ring muscle up, and with Kyle’s dedication, it won’t be long in coming.

Tony Urbanek joined CrossFit Talon in mid January of this year.  Before that, he lifted weights at a “globo gym” using programming he learned from school sports.  Jamie Free from Max Muscle talked to him about CrossFit, and then he began hearing about it from two or three other people.  “I wasn’t getting the results I wanted on my own, I needed something more” explains Tony.  After sticking to a consistent CrossFit schedule, and eating “mostly” paleo, he noticed a dramatic increase in energy.  IMG_4516edited“I wake up in the morning, I feel good. I go to bed, I still feel good” Tony describes.  He also lost twenty pounds, but brushes that off as incidental.  A big moment for him was last month when he finally got his first ring muscle up.  “I stayed up there as long as I could” he said, not wanting the moment to end.  Tony also competed for the first time at the Talon Spring Fling Throwdown, “I was glad that I was just able to compete, that was a big deal for me” he says of the experience.  He would like to continue to join in on more CrossFit competitions in the future.  His goals are to work on his mobility and flexibility, and there is no doubt that with Tony’s consistency, he will make it as far as he wants to go.