IMG_0946February 4th was Amy Sullivan’s two year anniversary at CrossFit Talon.  She heard about CrossFit from a co-worker, and it took him three months to convince her that she needed to give it a try.  “It hurt like hell, but I was committed to doing it.  Dennis and Tara told me that I could go at my own pace, and that kept me going” says Amy of her first few weeks of CrossFit.  Amy has seen many triumphs at Talon, from losing over twenty pounds to finally being able to do a handstand.  She says, “It’s the fact that I came in here not doing any kind of workout, and now I know I can do just about anything.”

Amy had to drag her husband, Kenneth, to Talon, (again, it took about three months) but he could not deny the results his wife was already seeing.  After about a year and a half, Kenneth has lost over sixty five pounds, and has competed in three CrossFit competitions.  The two of them were on a team at last year’s Garage Games One, and will be competing again this year.  Kenneth says that what he loves about CrossFit Talon is that everyone there is family oriented, and they know exactly where they are coming from.

IMG_0962The Sullivans have two boys, John and Zach, and they have committed as an entire family to living a healthier lifestyle.  “With all of the activities with the kids and our work schedules, we both knew that we could not CrossFit at the same time” Amy says.  They split the daily routine and Amy attends the six a.m. class while Kenneth takes on the six p.m. class.  Even more amazing, is that they gradually introduced Paleo nutrition, so that now they eat 90% “clean” and the kids eat at least 50% Paleo.  Kenneth says, “We had to do it together in order to keep us honest and we are able to stick with it.”  He also gave me their nutrition secret of preparing the entire week’s food on Sundays, “Amy clears the schedule on Sundays and we cook.  Then we eat the leftovers all week long.”

Amy summarizes her experience with their new healthy lifestyle and CrossFit Talon, “It has been extremely therapeutic and really cathartic, for our whole family.”