Marsha "Before" and "After" CrossFit

Marsha “Before” and “After” CrossFit

“I am the turtle! I may be the last to finish, but I don’t quit,” says Marsha Raimi, who is celebrating two years at CrossFit Talon.  In those two years, Marsha has lost sixty pounds and gone from 45% bodyfat to 26%.  After reading an article posted by a coworker about CrossFit, Marsha and her daughter decided to challenge themselves and give it a try.  Marsha had done weight lifting before, and liked it enough to suspect that she’d like the intensity of CrossFit.  They both visited different boxes in the area, and felt that Talon was the best fit for them.  “It seemed like the members of the other boxes were already super fit, and my daughter really wanted to find a place where there were more people like us,” Marsha explains,  “All I had going for me was perseverance and determination.  I will finish the WOD.”  That perseverance motivated Marsha to adopt the Paleo lifestyle as well after just a few months at CrossFit Talon, “It’s the first time I’ve looked at food as fuel rather than emotional or just for taste.  I always ask myself if what I’m about to eat will help my body,” she says.

One of the things Marsha loves about CrossFit is that she can always improve and there are always new things to think about to push her to the next level.  She is one of the most active members at Talon, taking advantage of our specialty classes and skills sessions.  Marsha has added mobility, endurance, and extra pull up work to her routine.  The CrossFit Endurance classes at Talon have definitely provided Marsha with tangible results.  In just one year, Marsha improved her 5k time by more than 15 minutes, and knocked two minutes off of her one mile split times.  Another aspect of CrossFit that Marsha has taken an interest in is judging competitions.  She volunteered to judge for Talon’s first Takes Two To Tango and wanted to learn more.  She received a judging certification from Garage Games, and actually volunteered to do scoring for the live feed at the CrossFit Games Central East Regionals.  This helped her to be more mindful of standards for her own workouts, as well as earning her somewhat of a reputation for being one of the toughest judges at Talon.        

Marsha explains, “I really like the Talon community.  From day one, coaches and members were so encouraging and knowledgeable.  Friends tease me about being in a cult.  I say that any cult that helps you be healthy, get fit, supports and encourages you, helps you set goals, all while having fun…I’m good with being in that cult!  Don’t deprogram me!”