Rebecca Wynd came to Talon this August.  Before CrossFit, she kept active by coaching her daughter’s soccer team, running, walking, mountain biking, “and maybe some elliptical here and there,” she says, “I am an active person by nature, so sitting still has never been a strong suit.”  Rebecca remembers her first CrossFit workout, “I remember thinking, ‘Wow, I’m REALLY out of shape!’ and ‘Whoa, I didn’t know I had that muscle.’ but I also remember thinking how much fun I had and was surprised at how hard I pushed myself.  I think the group dynamic and personal coaches make a HUGE difference on the level of output a person puts into a workout.”

IMG_0057In November, CrossFit Talon held it’s first Masters competition, Aged To Perfection.  Rebecca is not yet a masters athlete, but it piqued her interest, “I’m fairly competitive and thought that would give me plenty of time (2+ years) to get in shape.  Well…Coach Lisa asked me the next day if they changed the age to 35+, would I compete?  I said, ‘Sure!’ as I was dripping with sweat and doing elbow to instep down the turf, honestly not thinking through what I just agreed to.  After the 35+ age division did indeed open up, I registered without a second thought.  I didn’t want to give myself a second to back out, especially since I ‘said’ I would do it.  I have to admit, I was excited, competitions always inspire me and motivate me.”  Rebecca says that she loved competing at Aged To Perfection, as all of the athletes were friendly and supportive.  “The amount of encouragement among competitors was amazing.  It was inspiring,” Rebecca adds.

Rebecca’s goals for CrossFit are, first of all, to stay committed to it.  “Between work, kids, and home, I can easily find excuses not to go.  However, the difference it is making in my life out-weigh the temptation not to go.  I haven’t felt this good physically and emotionally in a long time.  My energy has increased.  I don’t feel sore all the time, like I did when I was not working out.  I am more motivated, self disciplined, feel more confident in myself and place in life.  And, for bonus points, my husband thinks I’m nicer now!” Rebecca admits.  (Her husband, Ben, is just finishing up Foundations himself right now)

When asked about what she likes about CrossFit Talon in particular, she had rave reviews, “The logo – it’s tough and cool looking at the same time. The location is perfect as well. It’s beautiful drive from my house to the box and I literally look forward to it. I jam my music while going over these hilly back roads – no kids, no traffic – feels great. But mostly, the people. The coaches are encouraging and motivating, but tough enough to keep you on your toes. I have a HEALTHY fear of them…. especially Dennis. I feel like our class is more like a family, than a bunch of strangers working out together.  Everyone knows each other’s names, encourages each other to push harder and go stronger. And they notice if you aren’t there! It’s great accountability and really just FUN. I even met my mountain biking buddy in class! It’s great to have a girlfriend to go biking with.  Lastly, I thought CrossFit was something for the elite athlete. I have watched it over the years on TV – always in awe of their strength and endurance. CrossFit Talon provides an environment that ALL levels of athletes feel welcomed and accepted. There are athletes in there training for the games. They are amazing to watch. And then there are people like me – a mom, wife, and athlete at heart. I am so excited to find something I can do that makes me a healthier, more complete person inside and out. Something that wakes up my competitiveness and makes me feel young again.  I am thankful for Talon.”