Dan Santini has been ruling the whiteboard at Talon for several months now.  The only thing saving the noon class from eating his dust is that he has finally joined the Firebreathers!  Dan was a rugby player for twelve years before coming to Talon, and began CrossFitting in 2004 by using CrossFit.com WODs.  He worked out mostly on his own and did some powerlifting at another gym in Franklin before joining our community.

DanCropDan would like to compete with Team Talon, although he’s never tried a CrossFit competition.  “I have a list of goals, i.e. sub 3 Fran/sub 3 Grace/sub 7 Helen/backsquat 400/c&j 250 and snatch 205. So now that I have thrown that out everybody can remind me when I look too slow or weak,” he jokes. When asked what he has to say about Talon specifically, Dan says, “The Crossfit Talon community has been great, I have my own gym at home and I really don’t use it anymore because I would rather work out at Talon with everybody! I love the fact that I can count on the coaches here to give me proper instruction, so I don’t waste time on my own with too much trial and error. The coaching at Talon is top notch and one of the main reasons I joined.”

Dan’s advice to someone new to CrossFit is to stick with it.  “I have seen fitness trends come and go for the past 20 plus years and I have never seen anything like Crossfit. I was hooked on my first workout (which I didn’t come close to finishing!) and everything else has just been boring in comparison,” he explains.  We can look forward to great things from Dan this year, and lets all keep him accountable to the sub 3 minute Fran!