Mr. Paul Thorson, age 64, is a writer/musician and missonary. Three kids and his youngest, Nate, also CrossFit’s. Paul professional life has spanned  professor, songwriter, pastor, and missionary and he has worked at Belmont University, Christ Presbyterian Academy, Trevecca Nazarene University and the Conservatory Tchaikofsky in Kiev, Ukraine.

He has written numerous musicals, his latest “Dynamo” and books, including “Painting in the Dark: The longing to be seen, to be heard and to be known.”  Paul’s CrossFit journey began as an invite by Cy Fenton after Cy explained to Paul how CrossFit was helping him make the changes needed to live a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Paul came to CrossFit Talon as  in his own words, “a 260lb weakling and in 5 months lost 40lbs, going from a 42″ waist to a 36″ waist.”