Christy Phipps decided to try CrossFit after a dear old friend told her, “You don’t get in shape to do CrossFit, you do CrossFit to get in shape!”  After her first week of Foundations in December, she confessed that she couldn’t move, but the coach’s encouragement and positivity kept her going.  “Yay! I found my people,” Christy says.

After a few weeks, Christy developed some knee problems, “but the coaches found modifications for me so I could keep going,” she explains.  In fact, after four months, she is switching to an unlimited membership because three times a week is no longer enough for her.  “I don’t want to sit at home, I actually want to come in!  I especially love my 5pm class, also known as ‘Christy and the boys’,” Christy giggles.

ChristyTaraChristy earned Athlete Of The Month by showing tremendous commitment and desire to improve her health.  She is currently mid way through the Whole 30 Challenge, after not seeing results with a vegetarian or a vegan diet.  “I mostly miss beverages, I’m so sick of water!” Christy laughs, “But otherwise it’s going well.”  Christy is checking in with Tara on a regular basis, and keeping a food journal to keep track of her progress.

Some of Christy’s favorite things about CrossFit Talon are the new podcast, “Talon Talks,” and the Open workouts, as she was already able to get an Rx WOD with 14.3.

“Two weeks ago, I had an epiphany,” she says, “there is so much I can’t do, but I came up with a list of things I can do, like deadlifts and power cleans, and actually wrote them down for me to focus on.  I’m not going to worry about what my knees prevent me from doing anymore!”  Her list of goals include getting push-ups and being able to hang off of the rig, “no more ring rows!” she exclaims.  Watch out for Christy, there is an amazing transformation taking place in our midst!