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Group Training

Our Group Training program, called Functional Fitness, is designed for members for ages 18+, with the average age of our community being between 35-45 years old, with quite a few in their 50’s, 60’s, and even 70’s. We currently offer 34 class times including morning, mid-morning, lunch, and evening to accommodate many schedules.

What to Expect in a Class: A typical adult group class is about an hour in length, between 4 and 14 people, with 6-12 being the norm depending on the time of day of the class. Each class begins with a dynamic warmup designed and lead by a Talon coach. The warmup is to properly prepare your body for the specific movements you will be doing that day in class. Even though each day of programming is different, yet part of a larger, very scientific picture, each day will consist of some strength and/or skill work, accessory work, and conditioning. We also end each session with mobility to not only help you recover from the workout, but to create or keep a healthy range of motion in your joints. The atmosphere during the group sessions at Talon is by far one of the most professional, supportive, and educational experiences you will find in group fitness. The group classes are not a place just to come sweat for an hour, but rather to make progress along your fitness journey no matter your current level of fitness, and have fun while doing it.

Prerequisite: Our group classes are for skill advancement, not remedial work, and therefore require completion of an individualized Foundations program specific to your needs before joining the group setting. We know we are unlike any other gym in our area because of our thorough Introductory Session with assessments and Foundations program before allowing people to move into a group setting. It is the combination of this highly individualized intake process and our professional, personally engaged coaches in both the private sessions and the group sessions that allows our members to not only be safe, but also successful.

FREE Private Introductory Session: The Introductory Session consists of a discussion of how we do things here at Talon, a movement screening, and a few basic fitness assessments to establish the current level of fitness. From the Introductory Session, your Coach for Life will be able to estimate the number of private sessions you will need to be able to advance into the group classes. The number of sessions can range anywhere from 2-20+ sessions, depending on experience, ability to move properly and efficiently, as well as the goals of each individual. The time spent with the coach in a one-on-one setting ensures each new member will graduate Foundations with a basic understanding of the movements they will see in class, the ability to properly navigate a class, as well as ensure the quality of the classes remains high, and all members attending are able to progress at their own pace. Yes, this one-on-one time does mean a bit more of an investment up front on both the member’s part as well as the coach, but a worthwhile investment when it comes to building the proper foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Ready to schedule your FREE introductory session? Please let us know by filling out our CONTACT FORM.