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Talon School of Fitness

About Us

Tara and I founded Talon School of Fitness in March 2010, right after the Dirty South Sectionals. Both having a passion for athletics and have been involved in sports as an athlete, coach or athletic trainer for years, we knew what CrossFit could do to one’s overall fitness but what we saw at sectionals was a Community that supported every athlete. So we started Talon School of Fitness on a love for CrossFit, the extreme desire to teach and build a community to experience the life-changing effects that CrossFit was having on us. Everyone you will meet comes to CrossFit with different goals and in different and dramatic ways but we all have experienced one result: a love and passion for CrossFit unlike anything else. Of course, we’ve made our dramatic lifestyle changes and athletic transformations, but that is merely a side perk to the relationships that we have built. We know that CrossFit isn’t easy, nothing worth having comes easy, but it becomes easier with a group of friends supporting you throughout your journey. We want you to do everything you do in your everyday life better while you look and feel great. We want you to live life.

We are CrossFit, doing constantly varied, functional movements (like squats and push-ups) at a high-intensity. We do not work with elliptical machines or cable-weight systems.  We make you the machine by using our tools of the trade which include but not limited to barbells, bumper weight plates, gymnastic rings, plyometric boxes, kettlebells and sleds.  We walk, run, squat, lift, press, pull, jump and climb utilizing our core muscles within approximately 5600 square feet of space. We teach people how to move correctly, the way our bodies were designed to move. We focus on improving functional movements that are used in everyday life. The beautiful thing about CrossFit is that it is scalable to suit any fitness level. Simply put, CrossFit is a highly effective way to get fit and into the best shape of your life. If you’re wondering if CrossFit is for you, the answer is yes! Increasing your abilities in the skills listed above is important for Olympic athletes, grandparents, and everyone in between. Loads may differ, but types of workouts won’t. For example, a squat is as important for the athlete as for the elderly. Squatting is a functional movement valuable in life, but it is rarely taught or practiced. With thorough coaching, we are able to teach functional movement safely and effectively. We will never ask you to do anything that is beyond your ability, and if needed, we have many ways to get you through workouts with scaling and modification. You don’t have to worry about being intimidated or not keeping up. CrossFit is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or physical ability!

It doesn’t matter where you come from or what your physical background, CrossFit is for you and we’re serious when we say “CrossFit is for anyone.” We don’t advertise guarantees and we won’t make you any promises, but we can assure you one thing: we will give you our 110% as long as you give us yours. Talon School of Fitness can and will change your life; all it requires is effort, commitment, dedication and a whole lot of heart.

Our Community

At Talon School of Fitness, what you will notice different about us right when you walk through our doors is a community of athletes of all ages, sizes and athletic backgrounds. You will be welcomed, cheered on and they will line up to slap your hand at the end of WOD. Community is at the heart of CrossFit, it’s what helps you push through those last few reps, what keeps you craving and coming back for more. That’s the beauty of it all. Our community is the driving force, they are why we continue and is the support that is required in the journey of a fitter you.

We yell, scream, grunt, sweat, cry, celebrate, encourage and push you until you think you can’t go anymore and then we push little more. Guess what? You will smile when you’re done. You start to develop a bond over those ripped calluses, how much you hated those burpees and how you experienced soreness in muscles you never knew were there. And then you come return to do it all over again with a community of athletes unlike no other. Welcome to our community. Sounds pretty awesome, it is!

Come to us with monumental goals, some commitment and we will help you crush them.

Our Communities Expectations

What we expect from you is “hard work”, this may change day to day, but all we ask is your best. If you put in the 100% effort you will notice results. We expect the best from you and so does the community.  We are serious about training and when it comes to putting in the work, submaximal effort isn’t accepted.

To obtain any goal requires dedication, every member has different goals but each one is dedicated into putting time and hard work in accomplishing each one. We believe this starts in the gym and resonates throughout your life. In all of our successful members we see changes not only in their fitness, appearance but in the kitchen, in their relationship, in exploration of new lifestyles, and to the Talon community. We do expect an honest dedication toward excelling in whatever you do. What you will discover is that improvement requires practice and the more you practice the faster you will excel. Our members that have practiced movements have improved faster than the rest. There’s a lot of technique that goes into Olympic lifting, double-unders, handstands and muscle ups, so you are welcome to come in before, or stay after class for practice, foam rolling & mobility work.
We encourage stepping outside your comfort zone and get to know others in the class but please maintain a drama free environment. Everyone at CF Talon is at different fitness levels and it is difficult to pursue or obtain a higher level so any drama is not productive in becoming a better person or athlete. If you’ve got excuses or a negative attitude, you are very welcome to check out another gym.
Here at Talon School of Fitness, we’re looking for people who are not afraid to learn, to be taken out of their comfort zone, willing to check their ego at the door, looking for a change and willing work hard. “The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.”-S.G. Eriksson

Effort earns respect, so bring your best and we’ll provide you with superior coaching that exceeds your expectations.
Stop on in to watch a class or try it out on us anytime. Your first class is always free and there is never any pressure.