Your locations are as follows for week 2:

@ CrossFit Zoetic: Zoetic Justice & ITF Bottom Feeders
@OPEX Franklin (formerly Talon):  OPEX Franklin (Scaled team) & Swolensville
@CF West Nashville: CFWN Mujeres Y Hombres Locos & Zoetic Life
@CF Nolensville: CFN Morningwod & CFT We Like IT Rough
@CF Trivium: CFT Trap Stars & CFWN Average at Best: The Final Ride
@CF Mt Juliet: CFMJ Cressley’s Crew 2.0 & OPEX Franklin (Rx)

Week 2 WODs presented by Barbell Voodoo

WODs 1 – 5 (00:00-15:00)
4 athletes, 2 males, 2 females
15 Minute CAP

“Row Your Boat”
WOD 1: 250m Row For Time
WOD 2: 500m Row For Time
WOD 3: 1k Row For Time
WOD 4: 2k Row For Time
WOD 5: Total time for all 4 WODs

WOD Standards: As a team, you will decide who rows each interval. You must go in the order above. Each person’s split time will be a score as well as the total time. You must exit the rower once you have rowed your allotted meters. At the start of the event, you will access the main screen of the C2 concept rower and select new workout and select one distance. From there you will input 3,750m for time and the meters will count down. Yes, there will be rollover meters from each member of the team so for each split will be recorded exactly at the 3,500m, 3,000m, 2,000m, and 0m mark.

Row: Any damper setting is allowed.  Athlete may not touch the handle until “Go” is called and must remain on the seat and with hands on the handles until the entire distance is complete.

3 minute Rest/Transition (15:00-18:00)

WOD 6 – Conga Line Style (18:00-38:00)
4 Athletes, 2 males, 2 females
20 Min CAP

For Time:
12 Burpee Box Jump Overs (20”)
16 KB Hang Snatch – switch arms after 8 reps (53/35/26)
20 Reverse Single Arm KB Overhead Lunges – either arm (53/35/26)
50 DU/100 Singles

WOD Standards: As a 4 person team, you will send an athlete out one at a time to complete the 4 movements. Once an individual has completed the workout by themselves, they will tag in their next teammate to complete the workout and so on until all 4 of your team members have finished.

Burpees over Box Jumps: Athlete must touch their chest and thighs to the ground before progressing over the box. Athlete does not have to reach full hip extension before stepping or jumping off the box. Rx athletes must jump onto or over the box. Scaled athletes may step onto the box. If stepping, BOTH feet must touch the top of the box before exiting the top of the box on the other side. The rep if complete when both feet of the athlete touch the ground on the opposite side of the box from starting the rep.

Hang KB Snatch: The KB will start from the hang positions with hips in full extension. From there, the athlete will take the KB overhead and must hit lockout overhead, with the arm at full extension and the hand directly over the shoulder.  The knees and hips must be at extension when the hand is directly over the shoulder.

Reverse Single Arm KB Overhead Lunge: With a single KB locked out overhead, the athlete will perform a reverse lunge by stepping behind them. From there, the athlete’s knee will touch the ground and to complete the rep, the athlete will bring the feet together while reaching full hip and elbow extension. The KB must remain overhead and may not touch the head or the shoulder at any time during the rep, or it is a no rep. The arm does not have to remain in full extension during the entire rep, but must be in full extension when both feet are brought together with full hip extension to complete the rep. Failure to touch the knee to the ground is a no rep.

Double Unders / Singles: (DU) The jump rope must pass under the athlete’s feet twice before the athlete’s feet return to the ground. (SU) The jump rope must pass under the athlete’s feet once before the athlete’s feet return to the ground. RX teams MUST complete DU. Scaled teams may choose either DU or SU but they must designate to their judge which movement will be performed prior to the WOD. Each athlete may decide individually which skill they will perform.

3 minute Rest/Transition (38:00-41:00)

WOD 7 – Skillz Pyramid (41:00-54:00)

1 Minute AMRAP (41:00-42:00)
Alternating Pistols / KB Goblet Squats (53/35) for scaled only

1 Minute Transition (42:00-43:00)

2 Minute AMRAP (43:00-45:00)
Bar Muscle Ups

1 Minute Transition (45:00-46:00)

3 Minute AMRAP (46:00-49:00)
Wall balls 20/14 

1 Minute Transition (49:00-50:00)

2 Minute AMRAP (50:00-52:00)
Dual DB Power Clean to overhead 50/35/20

1 Minute Transition (52:00-53:00)

1 Minute AMRAP (53:00-54:00)
DB Thrusters 50/35/20

WOD Standards: For each AMRAP, one individual will complete it by themselves. However, the same person can’t do more than two AMRAPs as well as either gender cannot do more than three total AMRAPs. The total reps at the end of each AMRAP will be added together for a total score for this event.

Goblet Squat: The kettlebell is held upside down, in both hands, centered on the body. The squat movement starts with the knees and hips fully extended. The athlete must squat to full depth, with the hip crease below the level of top of the knee. The athlete must return to the start position to finish the rep, with hips and knees at full extension. Only scaled athletes may choose to do goblet squats but may choose to complete the WOD with pistols if desired, or may do a combination during the 1 minute.

Alternating Pistol: Athlete will stand on one leg, lower down into a squatted position with the hip crease below the knee, the non­-working leg in front, and stand up with full extension of the hip and knee. Hands and the foot not being stood on may not touch the ground during the movement, or the other foot (leg must be out in front.) The athlete must show control at the top of the movement and must alternate legs each rep. Athlete may hold onto the non-working foot for balance. If an athlete is no-repped on the right leg, he/she must complete a good rep on the right leg before a good rep on the left leg can be counted.

Bar Muscle-Up: Athlete will begin with, or pass through, a hang below the bar with arms fully extended and the feet off the ground. Kipping the muscle-up is acceptable, but pullovers, rolls to support or glide kips are not permitted. The heels may not rise above the height of the bar during the kip. At the top, the elbows must be fully locked out while the athlete supports himself or herself above the bar with the shoulders over or in front of the bar. Athletes must pass through some portion of a dip to lockout over the bar.

Wall ball standards: Movement begins in a full squat with the hip crease below the knee and as the athlete stands up the ball is thrown at the target. The ball must clearly hit above the designated height (10ft men/9ft women). Each time the athlete receives the medicine ball, he/she must squat to full depth before he/she can toss the ball to the target for the next rep. If the athlete chooses to let the ball drop in between reps, he/she must let the ball come to a complete stop on the ground before beginning the next rep (no catching it on the bounce).

Dual DB Clean to Overhead: Athletes must start with DB on the ground and finish with DB overhead with arm locked out. The athlete must come to the front rack before going overhead with the DBs. A clean of any sort is allowed; power clean, squat clean, split clean. For the overhead, the athlete may strict press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk the DBs. Only one head of the DB must touch the ground between reps.

DB Thrusters: The DBs will starts on the ground, and the athlete must elevate it into the rack position. There is no requirement to stand up fully before beginning the thruster, nor is standing up prohibited. The thruster begins when the athlete squats below parallel with the DB racked on the shoulders. The athlete may pause at the bottom of the squat, but once the ascend begins, the athlete must reach full hip, knee, and arm extension in one continuous movement. The athlete may not pause at the chest, and the athlete may not re-bend the knees. No jerks permitted.