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Talon Skill Sessions

It is amazing how many times I have heard:

“I wish I was better at….”,


“ I really want to learn how to do …”


“I wish we had more time to work on …

For some reason, I never hear the word burpees inserted in any of these sentences though…;)

You have talked, WE HAVE LISTENED! We are officially offering Talon Skill Sessions. Skill sessions are private or small group sessions specifically designed to meet your needs so you may continue to reach your performance goals. We know that due to real life getting in the way, sometimes you may not get to the day of the week that has the particular skill in the day’s agenda in which you want to improve. We also realize that some of you just need a little more individualized attention when it comes to certain movements to be able to help you achieve those goals.

Talon Skill Sessions

Members or coaches can create the topic of a skill session. Do not just think of the more difficult movements for these sessions! It can be whatever YOU need extra help with, such as double-unders, squats, deadlifts, GHD work, box jumps, rowing, HSPU, all variations of pull-ups, walking on your hands, and that ever-elusive muscle-up…WHATEVER you want to improve on?

Skill sessions can be private 1 on 1 time with a coach, or small group sessions.



Small group (2-4 people) 75-90 minutes in length:

$45 per person for single class series

$85 per person for 2-Class Series

$170 per person for 4 -Class Series

Private skill session (1 on 1 with coach) 60 minutes in length:

$75 per person for

$70 for 2-Class Series

$65 for 4-Class Series


How do I get started? There are two ways:

  1.  If you have a specific coach you want to work with, go to him/her and discuss your topic and times/days you would be available.
  2. If you have a topic but not sure which coach would be best for your topic, go see Tara and she will work through the arrangements with you.

Don’t forget to invite your training buddy! Ask around…you are not the only one who wants to get better! It will make your training session even more fun, and save you some money.

Once a topic is decided upon, we will assess your goals and determine if you will need a 1, 2, or 4-part Series Package. All packages must be pre-paid and no further discounts can be applied.

We will be using the white board in front of the men’s restroom to start to organize some groups. Please see board for more details.

Check out our COACHES PAGE for more information on each of Talon’s coaches and how to contact them by email.