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Injury Reduction

Injuries are inevitable in any sport, from sprained ankles to strained muscles. At Talon School of Fitness, we feel that non-contact injuries can be reduced and possibly prevented with proper training & strengthening of the athlete’s posterior chain. The posterior chain is a group of muscles that tend to be ignored during training. They comprise of the lower back muscles, the glutes, the hamstrings, and also the calves. These muscles are important for several reasons: 1) Due to their size they generally have plenty of potential to generate a lot of power. 2) The glutes generally have one of the highest ratios of fast twitch fibers in the whole body. These muscles allow the athlete to move faster, jump higher and hit harder. As we strengthen the posterior chain, a muscular balance of the anterior and posterior chains will be achieved, to truly give the athlete an elite level of conditioning, power and strength.

When an Injury Occurs?

Injuries do happen to the best of us.  Here atTalon School of Fitness, having an Athletic Trainer with 15 years of experience on staff, we have the knowledge and ability to properly rehabilitate the athlete back onto the field of play, safely and efficiently.