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Balancing Macros

The importance of balancing your macros from meal to meal versus balancing your macros over the day. First off, what are macronutrients and what does each one do: Protein: is made up of amino acids that work to build and repair. Major sources of these amino acids are...

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Paleo Ranch!!

This creamy, dreamy ranch dressing is the real deal! One taste and you’ll see why we love it for summer salads and veggie stick dipping.

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Hard Boiled Eggs (the easy way)

Anyone who likes to get their workout in first thing in the morning before school or work has likely struggled with what to eat before said workout.  One thing that I have found to be most convenient and effective is to eat a couple of hard boiled eggs on the drive...

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Eat Your Nuts!

Don’t forget to eat your nuts! I will be the first to admit that I need to be eating more nuts and seeds. These can be easily overlooked. Nuts and seeds are loaded with nutrients. Nuts are known for their source of fat, protein and fiber but they are also a good...

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Taste the Rainbow!

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with Skittles. I was eating a typical meal of chicken, sweet potatoes and red onion last week and couldn't help but notice how colorful and aesthetically pleasing my plate actually was.  This got me thinking about other meals I find...

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