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Eric Enos

IMG_6388Eric began his fitness career as a high school varsity swimmer. In college, he continued swimming along with other team sports as part of the “mandatory fun” of life at the US Military Academy. As an Army Infantry Officer, Eric was responsible for the physical fitness of the soldiers in his units and earned the Army’s Master Fitness Trainer certification along with other qualifications that – upon further reflection – make him question his judgment. Somewhere along the way he also found time to train in several martial arts, earning a rank in Shotokan Karate in 2002.

Fast forward 15 years (and a lot of couch time later) and Eric was not in good shape at all. He was introduced to CrossFit and immediately, he was hooked and wishing this had been around when he was still in the Army and dependent on his fitness for a living. After 6 months on his own, he found Talon and a whole new level of intensity – but at the same time a box that was there to build each individual up (not tear them down) and where proper movement and recovery is viewed as important as the workout itself. That is important when you’re as injury-prone has he is!

CrossFit advertises that it trains each athlete for the “unknown and unknowable”, so Eric decided to put it to the test and competed in 3 triathlons in the Nashville area in 2012. Surprisingly, he survived – although getting back in the pool after 20 years was a wake-up call! He now plans to compete in the 4 local triathlons every year, including his first Olympic-distance triathlon in September 2013.

IMG_2233After two years as a Talon member, Eric received his CrossFit Level 1 training certificate in November of 2012, following that up with his CrossFit Endurance trainer certificate in March 2013 and his CrossFit Olympic Lifting trainer certificate in June 2013. His goal is to help Talon’s athletes improve their movement technique in endurance disciplines to increase speed and reduce injury, and hopefully help non-CrossFitting endurance athletes find a new level of fitness by incorporating CrossFit into their training.