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CrossFit Open Challenge @ Talon School of Fitness

The CrossFit Open is an annual 5-week journey to discover the best of the best in the CrossFit community internationally. This event also helps people discover their own personal gains from year to year. The annual Talon SOF Open Challenge accompanies the CrossFit Open and helps the members of Talon engage in discovering their own personal bests!

The Open Challenge will run from Monday, February 13 to Sunday April 9. That means you have 8 weeks to grow and develop both physically and mentally. Become your best self!

Since the challenge revolves around the CrossFit Games Open, you will earn points for signing up for the Open, completing each of the Open workouts (Rx, scaled, however you get it done), and then entering your score into the CF Open website by Sunday night. You can check into the CF Open Schedule HERE. Please note that this year’s Central Regional will be held right here in NASHVILLE May 26-28th, and I am sure Talon will be getting some crews together to go watch the action live! (But…more to come on that later….back to YOU and the Talon Open Challenge.) 

This challenge will also focus heavily on lifestyle behaviors and making sure that you’re caring for yourself as much as possible. For example, you will earn points for working out 4x per week (the open workout counts as ONE of these workouts), drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and dealing with your stress and well-being in a constructive way will actually earn you points! Each of the lifestyle pieces will build upon each other, ensuring that you’re adding new behaviors but keeping the new behaviors you’ve learned in your routine as well.

  • Water: You will strive to drink at LEAST ½ of your body weight in oz of water. Example: You weigh 150 lbs – you should be shooting for 75 oz or MORE per day.
  • Sleep: The necessity of sleep cannot be understated. From regenerating hormones, to muscle recovery to mental acuity, sufficient and adequate sleep is a MUST. Focus on getting at LEAST 7 hours of sleep per night to earn one point per day.
  • Stress: LIFE IS HARD. Stress is inevitable. It is how we deal with stress that determines our resiliency, quality of life, and ability to regulate our hormone levels. By developing 1 stress-less plan per week (adding meditation, planning out your week and fostering time management skills, finding “me time,” spending time with a family member or friend), you will begin to see how stress management and balance can assist in all facets of life. Developing a new plan each week and enacting said plan will earn you points!

Additional points can be earned for signing up for the InBody, as well! The InBody is an amazing tool that will help you see your body in a very in-depth way. Think body fat, muscle mass, hydration levels, levels of inflammation, and MORE! Earn points for assessing pre-CFO Challenge, post-CFO Challenge, and then more points for improving!

Even more points can be earned WEEKLY by sharing one of the coaches’ blog posts! Retweet, share on Facebook, even repost on Instagram! The coaches love to bring you fun and interesting information; if you have something you want to see the coaches talk about on social media, please let us know!

Lastly, there will be a TEAM ASPECT to the Challenge too! You will earn points by sharing legitimate and awesome resources with your teammates. Connect and reconnect with your teammates and other Talon members! One of your coaches will facilitate your team!

  • In order to earn points, you have to share LEGIT sources of information. Not a 1-sentence “yay guys” will earn you points! Find a recipe, personal tips or experiences, a resource, or a blog that you love and be sure to share it around! You can email, text, Facebook your tips but BE SURE you CC Miranda and Tara on the share. If you don’t, you may not earn credit for your share for the week.
  • Your Team Captain will be developing and inviting you to a Facebook group specific to your team. (USE THIS as a sharing platform! If you’re not on Facebook, the email route is always available 🙂


Important Stuff (for those of you who won’t read this whole page;)
1) Challenge officially starts Monday, February 13th – Register for Challenge by Monday, 2/13 so we can make TEAMS:)
2) Register for the CrossFit Open under affiliate CrossFit Talon, placing yourself on Team Talon, no later than Sunday, February 26th.
3) No food tracking this time! See how you earn points below.
4) Attend Friday classes to complete Open WODs, or make-up WODs on Sundays at 1pm. Enter score on Games website by Sunday.
5) Challenge ends Sunday, April 9th. Team Champions plaque will be awarded at Talon’s movie night/potLuck on Saturday, April 15th at           5:30pm.
6) Rather listen to the details of the Team Challenge? Listen to this week’s episode of our Talon Talks podcast!

Points Reporting:
You MUST report your Points TOTAL on your Weekly Google Form. Miranda will send the form directly to you each Sunday night.  Miranda will share weekly updates via email and the Facebook groups on Wednesday.

Miranda will provide you with a Google Sheets Points Tracker for you to keep track of your own points. This is an added resource that is OPTIONAL for you to use. If you ever want Miranda to check on the form mid-challenge, please feel free to ask her to do so!

The Points Breakdown

CrossFit Open Points: (20 points)

  • 10 points for signing up via
  • 1 point per week for entering score on (5 points)
  • 5 points for completing the REPEAT WOD and IMPROVING from last year

Talon Workouts (32 points)

  • 1 point per workout at Talon SOF, 4 workouts per week*, 8 weeks (Faith Rx’ed does count, drop-ins at other boxes count)
  • *Weeks 2-6 need to encompass 1 CFO workout
  • CFO workouts will be completed as a community on Fridays during classes and can be made up and completed on Sunday

Starting Week 2: Water (49 points)

  • 1/2 body weight in ounces PER DAY
  • 1 point per day, 7 days per week, 7 weeks

Starting Week 3: Sleep (42 points)

  • At least 7 hours per night
  • 1 point per day, 7 days per week, 6 weeks

Starting Week 4: Stress (40 points)

  • Plan: 1 point per plan per week, 5 weeks
  • Enact: 1 point per day enacted plan, 7 days per week, 5 weeks
  • Examples include:
    • I will spend 1 hour devoting time to my family per day
    • I will sit down on Sunday and plan out my week; my workouts, my meals, etc.
    • I will meditate for 15 minutes per day every day this week
    • I will turn off the screens (computer, TV, phone, etc.) 60 minutes before bedtime

Talon Team Points: (16 points)

  • 8 weeks of team support, 2 points per week
  • Recipes, cookbooks, resources shared via Facebook groups / emails / texts

Blog Sharing: (16 points)

  • Sharing 1 blog from Talon coaches per week
  • 2 points per share, 8 weeks

InBody (15 points)

  • 5 points for Pre-Challenge InBody, 5 points for Post-Challenge InBody
  • 5 points for InBody metrics improvement

Points Totals:

There are 225 possible points to be earned.

Want to know what you are playing for?!?! Your team will be immortalized by being engraved on Talon’s Team Open Challenge Champions plaque! (Coming soon to Talon.) It will be right underneath the “Gould Diggers” from last year’s challenge. The plaque will be presented at our annual “End of the Open” potluck. This year we will also make it a MOVIE night on a big, blowup screen, so be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, April 15th at 5:30pm! Register TODAY!